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Panoramas are great way to take photos of a beautiful scene. Seeing everything stitched on to one single photo graphs is always better than viewing them separately one by one.

Although it’s mentioned that one would want specialized equipment, if you own and Android, you can forget about the clause. Today I am going to talk about two amazing apps form Android using which you can take nice and stunning panoramic images easily.

Wondershare Panorama

Wondershare Panorama is one amazing and simple app to take panorama photos on Android. After you install the app and run it, simply click on the capture button to start taking the panoramas. All you need to do is drag the from left to right while capturing the images and the app will take care of everything else. It will automatically stich photos together smoothly. Just make sure your hands are steady, and you move the camera slowly and gently without any jerks while taking the images.


Well, that’s not all, the app also provides many special effects like four seasons, Old Photo, Sketch, etc. to spice up your panoramas. When you are finally done, the photos will be saved to your device, and you can upload them to your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr account and share it with your friends.

Photaf Panorama

Photaf Panorama is another great panorama app for Android and adds a bit refinement to the above app. The app lets you take a take 360 panoramas and it uses your phone’s compass sensor to guide you while you slide the phone’s camera.



One might require some practice before getting perfect panorama images, but you can never compare the images to professional panorama photos captured using professional lenses. Don’t forget to try these apps the next time you are on an outing, and you would love to capture the entire scene in one single photographs.


Via: Lost In Technology


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