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The 2018 Meet Taipei Startup exhibition will be held on 15-17 November in EXPO Dome of EXPO Park in Taipei for three days. Startup teams from 27 cities are coming to Taiwan from all over the world, lending a strong momentum to international innovation. The event will see business leaders, startups, and government departments participating.

Entering the fifth year of MEET Taipei Startup Festival, Taiwan is becoming the voice of innovation. This year, the event is successfully attracting large enterprise participants, becoming an important power supporting startup development.

This year’s theme is “Startup High-5ive”, which includes, Startup topic forum, DigiAsia 2018, Meet Neo Star Demo Show, Startup Talk Show, Global Pitch of international team, French innovation Weekends, and Disclose of startup investigation 2018, expecting more than 5000 people to join in the forum activities.

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A forum discussing the theme “Explore the Next Epic of Startup & Technology” is also scheduled, using trend observations and knowledge interpretations, for which, opinion and industry leaders both inside and outside Taiwan are being invited, including the likes of Jan Hollmann, Bosch’s CEO in Taiwan, Hong Wua – CEO of Igucang, Xiaomi ecological chain, and Jacky Han – Vice President of Cheetah Mobile, for imparting their opinions.

To discuss issues of international power, Chau Kin – CEO of Microsoft Accelerator (Shanghai) and Ming Chen – CEO and founder of KKday, have also been invited. In addition, issues of Deep Technology, exploring search engine of startup and business strategies of cryptocurrency are in the wings. Moreover, Meet Taipei will also conduct activities like female startup talk and design new business talk.

This year, Meet Taipei will not only work with Taiwan startup groups, but will also connect with the global startup ecology. Co-curators, La French Tech, La France à Taiwan, and Business Next are partnering to invite teams from France for conducting activities and sharing startup advice. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan with Enspyre will hold the event, Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan, summoning self-confident and potential startups to join the competition, where they can win funding.

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In the meantime, nearly 100 groups of international teams from 27 cities will join in on the three-day Global Pavilion exhibit and the Global Pitch activity. Many global teams are coming from cities like, Reykjavík, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Paris, Toulous, Toronto, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Copenhagen, Sydney, London, Shanghai, Manila, Berlin, Singapore, Amsterdam, Milano, Mexico, Auckland, and Kuala Lumpur.

The grand opening will also feature a robot dance by the robot Kebbi. A product of NUWA Robotics, Kebbi is used in AI and 3D animation. Also, 10 selected IoT products will be displayed in the IoT products display area.

Several government departments will come and support startups. The government of Taiwan has been providing different resources to motivate startup development in the country, the results of which will be showcased at the event. Departments such as National Development Council, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Commerce, MOEA, Ministry of Science and Technology, Tourism Bureau, and Ministry of Transportation and communications, will also have many startup recruit projects to announce, hoping to create more connections and opportunities.


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