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Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most used technologies lately. A major reason for it is its effectiveness and the relevance it has in the lives of individuals. Using IoT, we can connect almost all devices, security systems, entertainment systems and communication systems which thereby can be operated by sitting anywhere through your smartphone. Listed below are 4 such companies which, with the help of IoT, i.e., using multiple technologies on one website, have been able to impact the lives of companies or individuals:


A technology enabled transportation company, Routematic, with the help of IoT has been able to make corporate commutation a hassle free and organized process. Moreover, it has become the first in its industry to automate the process of commutation completely, from booking to billing. Its software helps in making predictive feed dispatch, hence, making the driver and employee well aware of the route to follow and the estimated time of the journey.

Indians Want IoT to Run Their Groceries, National IoT Survey Reveals


ToneTag is a fintech and retail solutions company, which uses encrypted sound waves to make offline, proximity-based contactless payments on any device, making a perfect example of IoT and technology marrying offline retail payments.  Relying on sound wave technology, ToneTag is creating the Amazon Go experience in India on existing infrastructure. Comparable to Amazon Go, which has launched the first of its revolutionary storefront, ToneTag envisions easing the in-store experience through fast and hassle-free transactions.

Puresight System

Puresight Systems Pvt Ltd. offers a website that turns a simple home to a smart home. The company was launched with the aim of becoming a leading provider of home robotic appliances in India. iRobot provides smart home appliances like Roomba and Bravva. Using IoT, one can connect the smart robotic vacuum cleaners which can be operated by sitting anywhere through a smartphone. Since 2015 Puresight Systems has been importing iRobot home robots into India. Last year, Puresight integrated Amazon Alexa skills and IFTTT skills in Wi-Fi enabled vacuum robots of iRobot.

ONGO Framework

ONGO Framework provides IoT services to different sectors and helps enterprises digitally transform themselves to compete in a hyper-connected and technology-driven business landscape. ONGO enables businesses to build, integrate, and deploy applications on web and mobile, which can be hosted on the cloud, private cloud, or any other infrastructure, thus significantly reducing the complexities as well as the time taken to develop and deploy an app.


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