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With advancements in technology, new and innovative gadgets are coming into the market one after the other. Earlier, we used to have the wired music system, which we placed in our homes to listen to music whenever needed. Then came the MP3 player, which was lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere with us.

Not only this, laptops came as a disruptive product in the market to beat desktop computers. People were able to carry their laptops wherever they wanted and the product is of great help for corporate professionals and students these days. Cellular devices were also one of the biggest inventions of mankind, outperforming the old school telephones.

Similar to these inventions, one unique invention which gave people great relief in terms of charging their mobile phones is the Power Bank. The biggest advantages of power bank gadgets are their long battery backup as well as their ability to being carried along remotely.

The reason due to which power banks became the choice of the people is very simple (i.e. they changed the way mobile phones were charged, making it a lot more comfortable for people). Just like there are advantages, there are also disadvantages associated with the use of power banks. This article focuses on the different means by which you can avoid those problems. This way, you will be able to maintain longer life of your power bank device.

4 ways to maintain your Power Bank

1) Use original charger of Power Bank:

Most of the time, the power bank’s performance deteriorates simply because it was being charged from a different charger than its original one. Not using the original charger reduces the efficiency of the power bank over time.

To avoid this problem, you must ensure that you have an original charger of the power bank. Also, try to avoid using Type ‘A’ chargers for this purpose, since they are generally cheaper than the original ones, and are of poor quality. As a result of this, Type ‘A’ chargers may provide insufficient voltage supply, leading to slow charging of the power bank. Such things can damage the power bank if done repeatedly.

2) Don’t connect device while charging:

This is one of the most common mistakes people make while charging their power bank devices. They connect their gadgets for charging to the power bank device, which is already on charging mode. People think that this will cause no trouble, but in reality, this activity may have a serious effect on the overall performance of the power bank.

This happens because the power bank is already in a heated state, and connecting a device for charging increases its temperature further. With the rise in temperature, there are chances that the internal circuit components of the power bank device may get burnt out. This can further impose damage to the power bank, leading to a decrease in the overall performance of the gadget.

3) Device Compatibility:

Present day, there are a lot of companies which manufacture power bank devices. Also, these power banks support a wide range of devices, while some are designed specifically for a particular type of product.

Buying a power bank which does not support your gadget is something you wouldn’t want. This will be a pure waste of money. Therefore, it is important to check the specifications of the power bank before buying it. But even for that, there are a lot of things to be taken care of.

For example, smaller devices like mobile phones can easily charge with a power bank which offers 1 A current. On the other hand, such a power bank will not work efficiently for larger gadgets like tablets, which require a minimum of 2.1 A current supply to charge properly.

Along with this, most of the power banks have multiple charging ports with different voltage outputs. In such a case, it is crucial to find out whether the power bank has a charging slot for the gadget you own. Otherwise, the power bank will be of no use to you.

4) Avoid Water:

This is something which is common not only to power banks but all electronic devices out there. Power banks are highly sensitive devices which can get affected by water easily. If somehow, the power bank is brought in contact with water, there is a nearly a 100 percent probability that the power bank will get damaged.

Also note that if the power bank is kept or operated at very high or very low temperatures in a humid environment, there are chances that water or the developed moisture may cause damage to the power bank. This, in turn, will lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the gadget.

To avoid this problem, all you need to do is buy a protective plastic or leather case for your power bank. A good protective case will help keep your power bank safe from any type of rugged environment. This will surely maintain longer life of your power bank.


In this article, we’ve discussed some of the major reasons responsible for reducing the overall life of a power bank. Furthermore, we have also discussed the plausible solutions to overcome those problems. The above-mentioned steps are necessary to prevent damaging your power bank and must be considered seriously with immediate effect, to increase the life-span of your device.

It should be noted that the above-listed points are not the only methods of achieving good performance and longer life in your power bank device. The major problems, which are faced by most of the people, have been discussed as part of this article. Now that you have read and understood the steps to maintain and take good care of your power banks, it is time to implement these points as well.


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