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We love Startups. Whenever we do an interview, a must ask question is : “Any advice for entrepreneurs?”. This question has been responded with wide variety of responses, all wonderful. Here is our collection of Great Startup tips. Read on!

Piyush Agrawal   

Bootstrap. Test the waters. Build a working prototype and go to the market. See if someone pays. This is a  sure shot way to know whether to take an idea forward.

Piyush Agrawal, Aurus Network


SubbuMake sure you temper your passion with sound strategic advice from people with good business acumen. If you get funded, spend every penny as if it is yours. Do not be afraid of failure but mitigate risks to the extent you can.

 Subramanian Viswanathan, Harness touch

Bhavik Rathod


I would advise all Entrepreneurs to take chances and don’t be afraid. The fear of failure is nothing compared to the regret you might have a few years down when you will say to yourself “what if I had?” Don’t let that day come and just follow your passion.

Bhavik Rathod, Frosher  

Prukalpa Sankar My advice for women who want to pursue their dreams is simple: sort out your priorities. Everyone has  different priorities. Everything you do in life should be according to your priorities. So, if pursuing your dream is more important to you than everything that is holding you back, don’t be afraid to break away from those things.

Prukalpa Sankar, Social Cops

Praveen JadhavStartup Life is not easy. Don’t take up entrepreneurship if it just fascinates you. Do it if you have a plan, and know that every plan you have will fail. Focus on product, it is all that matters. Build a product that is simple and easy to understand.

Praveen Jadhav, Wishberg



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