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 1) Make it more abstract

For example, a cellphone released by Nokia is costly in India but the same released by Samsung is cheaper. Make your products more innovative, compact and cheaper. Attract customers with value for money and enhanced with latest resources. Most of the buyers crave love on first sight rather than performance or recommendations.


 2) Get yourself hooked up in the club

ways to market your product

Share your ad in the space. When you are targeting age/gender specific group, you should generate a creative ad and display it in public places where it is visible for your targets. An average person passes through 3000 advertisements a day. You should get acquainted with advertisement giants and should pay them so that you can be satisfied when you watch your ad and products get embraced by people!

3) Recommendation. Share. Binary Fission.

Assuming that you have satisfied your employees, the next but simultaneous thing you need to do is Binary Fission. This means you have to sit with your employees and tell them more about the products. Then convince them to tell what you said to their friends. This is spread the word. You will tell your employees to recommend the best and top 10 products in their list with your in the top. This marketing method is a blessing.

4) Bring out that selling machine out of you

sell me this pen
What matters most is whether you are a good salesman or a bad salesman. Talking of a rich man, he is able to sell dust for gold. The choice is yours, either you can continue to have your products incoming at a static pace, or sell the best out of remaining ones. Every grocer and marketeer follows this mantra.

5) Earth is full of Ping

ways to market your product24 billion messages in 24 hours. Facebook purchased Whatsapp for some reason. These 24 billion messages are sent by lovers, groupies, chit chatting strangers and sporting rivals. If you revolutionize the way of marketing via internet, you will become the king of all. One of the best innovative method to market your product will be to ping each members and have a light tete-a-tete with them. This is for sure will waste your time, but the gain that will be perceived by you shall be worth it.


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