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A good night’s doze is a pre-requisite to work productively  for an entrepreneur. Improper diet, indefinite alcohol or too much technology often disrupts it. Entrepreneurs need to refresh themselves on a daily basis. A sound doze of 6-9 hours is a must. A healthy and fresh mind makes better decisions. Insomnia is a commonly heard issue among entrepreneurs. It is a matter of grave concern and requires a solution. So, we have prepared a list of 5 ways which entrepreneurs should use to get a proper zzz.

1. Run a Routine.

Run Routine

The time you sleep and wake up must be fixed. Irregular sleeping habits are a prime cause of  insomnia. When your body gets used to a routine of sleep, it accustoms itself and sleeps easily. Too much sleep on the weekends may disrupt your Monday. So it’s important to set a fixed routine of your daily activities; and Prioritize the sleeping hours in it. Make sure you doze off for at least 6 hours!

2. Do not eat after 8 P.M.

healthy dinner

Try to finish your dinner before 8. A time lag of 2 hours is necessary for the food to digest before you sleep. Remember, It’s the quality of sleep that matters not quantity. This way you will sleep more sweetly. If you feel like eating something after dinner, have a bowl of soup. Avoid heavy meals after 8. It’s wisely said- Eat Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a miser.

3. Green Tea before you sleep.


A cup of steamy Green tea is a great tool to tackle stress. Have it once before you sleep. The Anti-oxidants present in it clean the body from inside. Also, it is a very healthy drink. Green tea will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. And that is all we need to enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you’re not used to drinking it, then you might not initially enjoy the taste. Add some lemon or ginger to improve the taste!

4. Journalize before you sleep.


It is a very productive habit to write in a Journal regularly. Write about your dreams. Write about your short-term and long-term goals. Also pen down any anger or frustration that is troubling you. Make a gratitude list daily. It will clear your head and give you a positive outlook. A Journal is a great way to connect to oneself. So imbibe this habit today!

5. Gadget avoidance( while you sleep at least).


Keep your laptop, Tablet and smart phone away while sleeping. It’s strongly recommended to avoid technology at least an hour before you sleep. Strong radiations from these gadgets affect our body’s sound functioning. You will sleep more serenely without them. So keep the gadgets away while sleeping.

What is your favorite way to get enough sleep? Share with us in the comments.


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