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We feel the Internet was one of the best things that happened recently. It’s not only making our lives easier but is also giving us opportunities to do so much more within the same time frame. Another best thing that happened thanks to the Internet is online shopping!


Today, we see so many people across age groups and geographies shopping online with ease. People are buying things ranging from flowers and clothes to gourmet tea and even automobiles! Statistics show that summer is a peak time for shopping and since summer is here, we’d like to share some quick shopping hacks so that you don’t empty your bank accounts or max your credit cards this summer.

Here are some quick shopping hacks that will help you get the best deals online:

  1. Use the power of incognito

    While the Internet is incredibly powerful, the fact that it can “see” you sometimes can work in favor and sometimes against you. You are always being tracked, and one of the best examples of this is while searching for hotels or flights. When you run a couple of search queries on something like Yatra and MakeMyTrip, you can often see the prices increase a little. Why is that? Because they know you have been looking around and will make a purchase. You might even get an immediate call from the customer support to help you make the booking right away. Incognito mode on browsers enables you to hide your identity as you search. Always run a quick query in the incognito mode before you decide to make a purchase.

  2. Wait for a little

    You read it right. Sometimes waiting for a deal doesn’t hurt. This can be an advantage, especially with e-commerce shopping websites. They just can’t stand that you looked around, maybe even added things to your cart but did not buy. Wait for a day or two if you can, and a surprise coupon might land up in your email giving you a small discount to go ahead and complete the purchase. Also, since Google powerfully delivers ads across numerous websites and platforms, you might start seeing some ads for that particular product being offered on other sites, probably even at a lower price. Try it out.

  3. Make your favorite brands insecure

    This is something we have seen well about taxi booking apps and food delivery apps. The competition is fierce and usage from a consumer point of view is instant. If you are a regular user and stop using a particular app for a couple of weeks or a month, there is a very high chance of getting an exclusive offer for you that involves free rides or free deliveries to get you back on the platform. This one is tried and tested! Give it a shot if you can.

  4. Scout for the best deals

    Sometimes you just have to hunt a little more and a bit better. Many of us shop around on different websites and often search for the best price for a particular product that is sold on multiple platforms. There are some browser plugins and extensions as well like Honey or MySmartPrice that help you find the best price. There are also many e-commerce coupon websites in India that can help you get some great deals on platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Swiggy, FoodPanda and many more. A new one that’s launched recently in India is AleRabat, one of the leading coupon businesses from Europe. They offer a host of deals from local and international brands with a feature to see what deals are ending soon so that you can grab them at the right time.

  5. Follow on social media

    If you like certain brands, follow them on social media. Show them some love, and hopefully, you’ll get some love back as well. Many brands share exclusive coupons and offers on social media, and if you are a follower, you might be lucky to grab it on time.

  6. Sometimes, just ask

    Sounds weird? Trust us, this works. Sometimes just write to the brand or product over email, website chat or even social media to ask for a quick discount. While this might not apply to the large e-commerce sites, many smaller niche sites will be happy to give you a discount to encourage you to try them out. In fact, you can ask for a discount in exchange for an honest review. Try it out.

Happy shopping! Hope you grab the best deals available and be the smart and money-saving online shopper.



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