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This AI bot aims to improve knowledge sharing and employee productivity across remote and co-located teams.

Covid has brought the Work From Home (WFH) culture into global ecosystems. Nearly two-thirds of the US population is currently working remotely. This has led to a tremendous rise in demand for work collaboration platforms as employees depend on them to make sure of smooth productivity and communication.

Microsoft Teams’ daily users rose more than twice in size from 20 million in November last year to 44 million in March. Slack, meanwhile, saw an addition of 7,000 new paid customers from February 1 to March 18, which makes up about 40% spike over each of its previous two fiscal quarters, when it saw around 5,000 new paid customers per quarter. Zoom’s user base has grown by 67% since early January, according to data from Apptopia.

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Dependence on these platforms is creating new challenges for workforces around the world. Keeping this in mind, Aikon Labs Private Limited have launched the private beta for, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered bot that helps Slack users organise and discover knowledge from a flood of conversation threads inside Slack.

“Ariv means ‘wisdom.’ We chose this product name as we focus on the creation and reuse of information, insight, intelligence shared within everyday conversations. Ariv curates and shares that knowledge within the apps that you love,” noted Dilip Ittyera, CEO of  Aikon Labs Private Limited.

What it Does

The bot, named Ariv, is an AI-powered collaboration solution for modern workplace tools such as Slack. The user just has to let the bot know their topics of interest, and the bot can fetch relevant conversations from channels that it has access to. A user no longer has to rely on remembering keywords or what to look for.

Ariv is powered by Aikon Labs’ Augmented Intelligence platform, The platform utilizes AI to extract knowledge from Slack interactions that flow through a multitude of channels. This information is organised within a knowledge graph that is used by Ariv to answer questions, fetch relevant data, and build context around conversations.

To Light Up Dark Data

Aikon Labs’ latest release comes at a time when people are interacting more than ever on tools like Slack and MS Teams, where they exchange ideas, information, and knowledge. Most of the intelligence and knowledge in conversational platforms turns dark, ending up in archives and chat logs.

Ariv lights up dark data, filtering knowledge and intelligence from digital conversations. The reuse of knowledge augments employee performance by increasing productivity and freeing workers to focus on new and more complex issues.

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Aikon Labs uses AI to aid knowledge workers and their proprietary platform can highlight unstructured data from conversations, so it can be organised for reuse in future interactions or to power more resilient automations.

The company said in a statement that with this launch, they aspire to bring much-needed, easy-to-use knowledge sharing to teams working together on Slack, empowering workers to find answers faster without interrupting others.


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