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Within an year of existence, AAP has emerged as the #2 Party at recently concluded Delhi Elections. Let’s take a look at the common barriers people talk about all the time, and how AAP has beautifully worked around them.

The ‘Capital‘ Barrier:-

Winning elections no longer need countless money. India’s politician will need more than money to retain power. What is black money worth, with no political protection?

Breaking New Ground – New Voting Class:-

AAP sparked the imagination of people across economic barriers and social barriers, winning seats from all across Delhi. Reaching new levels of Citizen engagement.

The Time Barrier:-

It took one year of effective politics dislodge the incumbents. The politicians no longer know who will hit them. They can no longer see the enemy. It may be the new guy, in their constituency too! That’s scary!

Educated & Intellectual:-

The newspaper reading class was never relevant in elections, they never participated. Forget winning it! Yes, that’s right, the educated and intellectual class is now the new politician. The journalists, political analysts, lawyers and the former bureaucrat are now on their own  Members of Legislative Assembly!


Politics had no entry points. For all you knew, your father’s father had to be a politician or no recourse. Now, you want to become a politician? You may contact Arvind Kejriwal! You may have to start off as a volunteer though.

The happiness one draws at seeing the first time politicians is pure. They stand today, to assert it’s not their victory but the victory of the aam admi. No one can guarantee what happens tomorrow. But all of the above has happened already.


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