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Title: Mysms


Rating: 4.5/5

Bottom Line: An excellent messenger and message manager.

You can say Mysms is what whatsapp should have been, its got all the features that are missing in whatsapp. Signing up is easy, you install the app, add in your mobile number, set a password and you are done.

You don’t need to add contacts to it, it fetches all of them from your phones contact list, Now, if you are thinking this is the key feature of whatsapp itself, then let me differentiate it for you.

When you install whatsapp it detects which other people mentioned in your contacts have whatsapp installed on their phone. In short it connects whatsapp to whatsapp, its the same BBM concept.

While in mysms it fetches all your contacts and then detects which one of them have mysms installed, so the ones which have mysms app installed can be texted directly using your 3G or GPRS connection, while others can be texted the usual SMS way, for which your basic SMS charges will apply. So, its like one app for controlling messages sent via SMS or 3G/GPRS.

The best part what I liked about mysms is, it can be accessed from web, you can login at and manage all your messages and even send and receive. This is what I really wanted from whatsapp.

Why the 4.5 and not 5 out of 5, even after calling it excellent? The downside of mysms, what I feel, is its UI, its too dull. If you look at whatsapp, which is still going very strong, it has a great UI, its fun to use. I think that’s where whatsapp stands out from the rest.

If mysms could get the UI right, that would make it one tough contender against all other messenger apps.

Verdict: I’ll surely recommend it, its light and fast, I have been using it for past 2 months, many a times I did access it from the web as well, when my mobile battery drained out, logged in to, sent and received texts, works smoothly without any hassles.


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