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Even though companies are moving away from traditional office settings to remote workspaces in the COVID-19 phase, it will take time for people to trust signing documents electronically. At the same time, e-signatures are of significance, when it comes to making contracts in the era of social distancing.

A year back, Kdan Mobile, a SaaS company, launched DottedSign, an electronic signature service designed to enhance document workflow efficiency. Now, they have made this service even more secure with a digital identity certificate from Chunghwa Telecommunications Company (CHT) A+Sign, a certified member of Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) in Taiwan.

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“We’re observing this mass migration of workers from traditional office environments to remote locations, and the collaboration is a part of the companies’ response to concerns raised by client organizations regarding privacy, data protection, security, and compliance,” explains Kenny Su, the CEO of Kdan Mobile.

“In order to maintain social distance while remaining productive, these companies need to be able to trust that contracts they’re getting signed are safe, secure, and enforceable. DottedSign provides this peace of mind.”

More Security

AATL is a known global name in trust service for electronic documents. The AATL certification ensures identity authentication and signature validation to all documents electronically signed with DottedSign.

This adds a layer of security and further protects DottedSign users. They can execute the signing process under a safe and trusted environment. CHT A+Sign, as a CA (Certificate Authority), issues a high-level identity authentication to all signed documents via DottedSign and ensures that no changes are made to the documents once all parties have completed signing.

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The signatures will appear as trusted when a document is opened in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader.

DottedSign featured in the list of 10 Best Free and Open Source Digital Signature Software’ by GoodFirms in 2020. Their user base has increased 300% in the first half-year in 2020 compared to the same period, as demand for remote signing has increased during COVID-19.

This is a part of Kdan Mobile’s efforts to help workers around the world stay safe without compromising their output.


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