Apple Black Friday


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Apple Black Friday

Black Friday sales are now available on US, UK, Finland, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands Apple Stores.

Apple’s Black Friday deals are now officially live on the Australian and New Zealand Apple Stores with the expected $100 off MacBooks and savings on iPods, iPads and other products typical of Apple’s sales in previous years. Apple has a page displaying all products that are on sale for Black Friday here, which includes slight discounts on all the new iPods, iPad 4 and iPad 2, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, smart covers, EarPods and other accessories. We’ve already seen lots of Black Friday deals offering even more savings than Apple, with better prices for iPods and iPads at Best Buy and MacBooks on Amazon and MacMall.

-iPad with Retina display | From A$ 498.00 (Save A$ 41.00)
-iPad 2 | From A$ 398.00 (Save A4 31.00)
-iPod touch | From $A 298.00 (Save A$ 31.00)
-iPod touch 4th generation | From A$ 194.00 (Save A$ 25.00)
-iPod nano | From A$ 158.00 (Save A$ 11.00)

-MacBook Pro with Retina Display | From A$ 1,794.00 (Save A$ 105.00)
-MacBook Pro | From A$ 1,244.00 (Save A$ 105.00)
-MacBook Air | From A$ 994.00 (Save A$ 105.00)

-AirPort Express Base Station | A$ 108.00 (Save A$ 11.00)
-AirPort Extreme Base Station | A$ (Save A$ 21.00)
-Time Capsule | A$ 298.00 (Save A$ 21.00)

-Magic Mouse | A$ 64.00 (Save A$ 11.00)
-Magic Trackpad | A$ 64.00 (Save A$ 11.00)
-Apple Wireless Keyboard | A$ 64.00 (Save A$ 11.00)

-iPad Smart Case A$ 44.00 (Save A$ 15.00)
-iPad Smart Cover– Polyurethane | A$ 34.00 (Save A$ 11.00)
-iPad Smart Cover– Leather | A$ 58.00 (Save A$ 21.00)

-Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic | A$ 88.00 (Save A$ 11.00)
-Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic | A$ 28.00 (Save A$ 7.00)

Via: 9to5Mac


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