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This 4G tab allows companies to identify their employees on the basis of their Adhaar details.

As companies prepare to resume office, they find themselves in a world completely changed by the pandemic. Maintaining hygiene in the work space is of utmost importance now. It is important to minimize contact as much as possible, especially at an office entrance.

Keeping this in mind, Secureye, a security products brand, has launched a 7-inch-tablet called SAB220. The 4G device is designed to enable corporates to verify employee identity on the basis of their Aadhar Card and promote a safe work environment for employees.

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“Secureye’s SAB220 represents a simple yet powerful innovation to aid sailing through tough times. The ‘smartness’ of tabs can be utilized with simple modification. It is a simple and cost-effective mode for businesses to promote a safe work environment,” says Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye.

SAB220 is an ideal replacement for biometric fingerprint attendance machines. This 4G tab is safe, secure and fast. With a 2GB Ram and 16GB flash storage, it can read and complete the identification process within seconds.

The SAB220

For connectivity, Secureye’s SAB220 relies on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Volte, or Bluetooth. One can select a convenient connectivity option and function effortlessly. The device comes with a 5 MP camera and reads the Aadhaar card from a distance. Along with identification, the tab also displays time and registers the time of entry too. Its CPU Model is MTK8765. The device is effectively priced at INR16500/- +taxes.

Secureye offers all kinds of modern security and surveillance office equipment required to set up futuristic workplaces. Individual consumers too can avail the devices and solutions to promote a safe environment at home.

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Their range includes, protection gears, Thermal Monitoring Products like Thermal cameras, face detection with mask detection cameras, and a rapid temperature measurement system, and more.

In line with the demand for contactless monitoring devices, the company recently launched a non-contact infrared digital thermometer under its MediSec product range. The thermometer allows individuals to perform body temperature tests of people from an appropriate distance and within one second.


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