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My day starts with checking Gmail to see what is important to me. And then, Facebook to see how my friends all over the world are doing.  Although I store the most important information offline, there is still lot of information that resides in my gmail account.   Whoever has worked in IT for a minimal period of time understand the importance of backup.   It’s always good to have a local copy, although cloud storage services are becoming more and more reliable day by day.

Backupify is a beautiful service that does just that – online backup for your most important personal online accounts. The basic account is free, and can cover upto 5 services. The most expensive service is $19.99 a month, with an ability to backup upto 25 services. Here is a glimpse at the plans:


The services can be your Google Docs, Facebook ( Personal and business page), Twitter,  Flickr, Picasa and Blogger.  You can add your account once signed up. Backupify will backup the data from last 30 days and every single transactions that has occured once you sign up.


For free accounts,  your data gets backed up once a week.  Backupify will query the APIs of each of your online accounts to identify your most recently added and updated files, duplicate that data to an encrypted archive in Amazon’s high-availability storage cloud, then make those independent copies available for one-click restoration or download through their intuitive web interface. When a message gets restored exactly the same way as before, with an additional label: backupify_restore, for easy identification. If you want to shut down any account, Backupify will send you the export of that account so that you can store it locally.


One word about the local download of your online personal account.  Once Backupify exports your data, it sends a message with a link. Your data will  be compressed into a single .TGZ file, which is similar to a .ZIP archive but better suited for large file collections. TGZ files can be extracted natively in Mac and Linux operating systems. Windows users may need to install an app to extract the file. A free utility like 7-ZIP will do. Once the TGZ file can be opened,  the contents can be viewed using notepad.

Backupify also offers backup for Google Apps and Salesforce  – more suited for Enterprise audience. However, there are couple of free tools such as Migrator for Google Apps, Snapshot for Google Apps and Snapshot for Salesforce. For a regular user with online activity, the personal free account is all that you need. A small complaint though –  they should have added wordpress as well to the list of tracked services.

Below is the video from their website :

[vimeo id=”51914750″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Do give a try. Let us know your feedback of the article in the comments.


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