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As per a 2010 report, people in India consume over 800 million kilograms of tea every year. However, only a few tea brands dominate the market. Tea and Coffee enthusiasts are keen to try new brands and varieties. This calls for a platform that can provide us a wide variety of tea and coffee. This led to the creation of

About Beveragewala and the story behind it

Beveragewala is an online platform where you will find a wide variety of tea and coffee. The startup was launched in February 2014, and has been getting an average of 6,000 visitors every month. The team has served around 85 orders so far. The startup is founded by Manish Hada, Puja Hada and Sajal Agarwal. Manish is a B.Sc. graduate in physics and M.Sc. in finance. Prior launching Beveragewala, he worked in the marketing department. Puja Hada is an MBA and has a 2 year experience in branding and advertising, Sajal is a graduate and has a 3 year experience in Sales and marketing.


The Beveragewala team intends to market the brand through online tools such as adwords and emailers. Considering Healthkart as a competition, Manhish says, “We are a first-of-its-kind tea and coffee e-retailer in India. Hence, our biggest differentiators are the fact that we are the only player focused on this, we have the widest variety of teas and coffees, and that we are offering convenience and service which were not earlier associated with products we cater to.”

Creating awareness among customers with a limited budget turned out to be the biggest challenge for Beveragewala. The startup is self funded for now. With its digital marketing activities, the team hopes to attract more customers in the future. “Beveragewala is an online store for premium tea and coffee brands. We retail the leading brands and do have a private label. At some point, we might be open to launching our own label if we see an opportunity. “, concludes Manish.

TTP’s Take

Beveragewala offers great varieties of tea and coffee for enthusiasts across the country. The fact that the startup has chosen a niche is great. TeaBox is one of the strong competitors, and it’s a good sign that it has raised funding.  However to attract customers, the startup will have to provide great services along with some acute marketing. TTP wishes Beveragewala all the very best!


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