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Blockchain has been quite active this quarter with several businesses aiming to use blockchain to fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For example, Bengaluru based blockchain startup Dhiway’s CORD, an open-source project with an OSI-approved license, is purpose-built to support population-scale initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This “made in India for the world” blockchain aims to support the needs of population-scale goals and targets, such as financial and economic inclusion, social protection, healthcare, education, agriculture, governance, migration and registry management.

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“CORD creates new possibilities for addressing trust gaps, managing the authenticity of transactions, and exchanging value at scale. The ground-up design offers a reliable, secure, and extensible foundation for building a range of applications which offer the best of Web3.0 characteristics”, said Satish Mohan, Co-Founder and CTO at Dhiway.

“We see CORD as an essential building block of digital public infrastructures across use cases which require disintermediation, unbundling and consistent re-use of verifiable information and management of risks around authenticity, confidentiality and privacy of data.”

Dhiway says the reliance on outdated, silo-based information models with high maintenance costs will gradually diminish.

Blockchain & Fitness

Blockchain is also hobnobbing with unprecedented business sectors to deliver real-world value to blockchain activities. In November, fitness lifestyle app FitBurn tied up with the 5ire blockchain, the world’s first sustainable blockchain network, developed in integration with UNSDG.

FitBurn is building a tokenized community for financially supporting users in their health and fitness journey through the project’s unique Burn-to-Earn model. Users can track their fitness journey through the app and receive rewards in the form of CAL tokens.

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The collaboration between these two blockchain projects will be mutually beneficial. 5ire’s Testnet will provide a platform for FitBurn to test ideas before making them live on Mainnet. Meanwhile, it will serve 5ire’s purpose of expanding in the gaming and fitness industry and promoting sustainable usage across the globe.


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