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bittorrent live

Bram Cohen – for the uninformed,is the creator of popular BitTorrent protocol,a popular p2p file sharing protocol on the internet.

With a positive hope to revolutionize live broadcasting on internet,Bram Cohen has filed a patent application for the new BitTorrent Live streaming protocol.“We plan to shape the future of live broadcasts and want to work with broadcasters to accomplish that,” Cohen says.

Earlier this month BitTorrent live was unveiled to the public.

This protocol allows videos to be streamed to the peers without expending too much in the bandwidth. According to its inventor this was quite a challenge,and it took him half a decade to solve how to optimize live streaming to work seamlessly.He says “Doing live streaming well on the Internet has long been a problem. Peer to peer live-streaming has always suffered from high latency, meaning there is typically a lot of delay between when a broadcast happens and when end users see it, typically dozens of seconds or minutes,BitTorrent Live allows a broadcaster to stream to millions of people with just a few seconds of latency. This is new, and unique, and potentially world-changing,” he adds.The best part of the protocol is that its completely free!,for the users as well as the publishers.

“We want people to use and adopt BitTorrent Live. But we aren’t planning on encouraging alternative implementation because it’s a tricky protocol to implement and poorly behaved peers can impact everyone. We want to ensure a quality experience for all and this is the best approach for us to take,” Cohen told TorrentFreak.

BitTorrent Live is a complex technology but basically works by dividing peers into various “clubs” of peers who share data among each other via a UDP screamer protocol.

So what does it mean to the end users like us?

Well,according to Bram the future of television is on the Internet, and BitTorrent Live can help to deliver live high-definition content to millions of people at once at no cost. This is not just the future for independent broadcasters, but also for the major content companies.The underlying cable technology has managed to deliver content to us till now,but now the scenario has changed with Live Streaming following the streak with a better cost effective manner.

You can try out Bittorrent Live here.

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