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burp designs dehradun

BURP – a noise made through the mouth when air is suddenly forced up through the esophagus from the stomach. But the team skips the dictionary meaning and just said, “It sounded cool.” It was spontaneous (much like burping!). Everyone loves t shirts! And the team loves the fact that t shirts are no more merely a showcase for artwork…but much, much more… They are an emblem of self-expression. It is on this self-expression that the team finally decided to start their own clothing brand, and BURP Designs was born.

Ankurneggi and Rashik Thapar

Ankurneggi and Rashik Thapa

BURP Designs has been founded by Rashik Thapa, Ankurneggi and P. Ritwik. Rashik is  21 years young, in the final year of graduation and is an budding illustrator and a compulsive blogger. Ankurneggi is 23 years old, a mechanical engineer by degree. The team claims to have P. Ritwik who likes to remain a mystery.

Though the entire team had been fiddling with the idea since March, BURP Designs was officially founded in June 2013. “It seems just like yesterday that we printed our first batch of tees” – says the team. The response they got was amazing and they knew they were on the right track.

Initially the team faced some obstacles (sometimes still do) – but that is evident with all startups. There was the whole ordeal of finding the right manufacturers, the right designs, setting up an outlet for their sales (our e-Store), the right logistics etc. But now, with time and experience they have got the hang of it.

The sheer amount of variety available to the consumer at this time is mind boggling. Unlike contemporary T-Shirt companies that offer merely a choice, Burp design’s plan to get the consumers more involved in the designing process. BURP Designs’ plans are simply being for the consumer… from the consumer. If they can think it, Burp design will print it. Though they think it’s their great quality apparels that set them apart, and they take pride in it.

 The ‘Burping’ process

The customer can go visit their online store , purchase the tee/sweatshirt through a secure payment gateway (the team is currently working on the cash-on-delivery option). Once the order is confirmed the buyer can expect his shipment within 3-5 days (free shipping in India).

The team also undertakes custom work. All one has to do is send in his query through e-mail, and once the details are taken care of the team send it to our manufacturer and depending on the quantity of the required merchandise the client can expect the finished product in 15-20 days. They have partnered with a couple manufacturers and the delivery is taken care by their logistics partner. The designs are completely their product of creativity!

 Future Plans

In the near future the team is planning to sell on major online stores and hopefully open a few outlets in the major metros of India, other than that they plan to constantly improve the website and focus it more towards customized personal Tees. And if everything goes well Rashik sees himself selling the amazing tees to some bikini clad babes in Goa. “May lady luck shine on him.”

TTP ‘s take

It is a welcome change to see Indian Youth trusting their intuition, creativity and starting their own ventures. The designs on the portal look alluring for sure. However, custom T-Shirt designing & printing is slowly transforming to a crowded segment, with lot of small players grabbing their share.  BURP Designs need to get some mainstream visibility by partnering with existing marketplaces, so their designs get well notes.  We wish team@BURP Designs all the very best!



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