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Email security is a costly but necessary business. Businesses must ensure that their email communications are secure and efficient, as well as being free from spam and viruses. However, they must also ensure that these systems are easy to manage and value for money in terms of management time and costs.

Just as email threats have become more widespread and difficult to deal with, so have the complexity of email security systems which are required to deal with them. 

Email security solutions 

If your business struggles against the growing tide of spam and email viruses, which can prove challenging for the most IT-secure companies, then you’ll be glad to hear there is a cost effective and efficient solution. Mimecast provides a unique closed circuit email system which is not only easy to manage and works via the familiar Outlook interface, but is also very cost effective. Using this system can help to guarantee the security of your emails for your business and reduce the complexity of the email security you require. 

The protection you need 

Significant amounts of money are spent to protect email security in businesses and often the creators of spam and viruses are winning the battle. Services such as Mimecast are backed up by a stringent service-level agreement and encryption options, which give your organization granular security options. This means that you can adjust the levels of security for each type of user ensuring that you have a secure gateway.

Using such a system enables your email to be protected from malware, spam and phishing attacks. Your email system will be protected against inbound and outbound threats, including deliberate or accidental data leaks, outages or social engineering attacks. Such a system provides exceptional peace of mind for business owners and reduces the costs in time and capital required to mitigate against threats. 

Virus and spam proof 

Ensure your email system is virus and spam proofed with a system that stops 99% of spam, and enables businesses to get access to enterprise grade tools and software. Making your job easier, this system will ensure that the anti-spam methodologies deployed will reduce the number of administrative tasks required by your current platform. This will dramatically reduce your users’ quarantine levels.

Now more than ever, businesses need a new way of dealing with spam and cyber-attacks from email, so choose a solution which will help you manage your email and give you peace of mind against the potential threats.


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