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IIT-Madras incubated clean tech Air OK Technologies has onboarded Vijay Kannan, the man who was responsible for the nationwide launched campaign by Blueair, Clean Air India Movement (CLAIM).

A driving force behind the much-needed air purifier industry in India, Kannan will be joining Air OK as the Chief Strategy Officer and will be responsible for the company’s foray into the customer retail segment.

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“As a responsible Indian citizen, I would like to extend to people of India the basic right to breathe clean air. AirOK’s clear ambition is to provide clean air for everyone and we are prepared to deliver it across the nation,” Kannan said in a statement.

“With the current significant impact in the wake of the pandemic, AirOK will soon offer Corona disinfectant air purifiers as well to combat Covid-19. Our vision is to be an air purifier market leader in India, capturing 20% of its market share by 2025. To be honest, I am exceedingly excited to be a part of this interesting journey,” he added.

Kannan will work on formulating and executing a new comprehensive company growth strategy to bring clean air for everyone, strengthening the overall operations of Air OK.

Kannan’s CLAIM to Fame

Kannan kick-started the national viral campaign titled CLAIM in early 2014 that gave birth to the present air purifier industry. The campaign caused quite a stir, awakening common people and government stakeholders on the life-threatening bad air quality. Following the campaign’s success, Kannan was awarded the Global Environment Award 2016 for his outstanding achievements in reducing pollution and environment management.

Air OK

Air OK is an indigenous air purifier company that has its own R&D and manufacturing in India, in sync with the Make in India policy initiated. Headquartered at Delhi, it focused on addressing the rising levels of air pollution with innovative solutions in air purifiers, filters, face masks, purifying bags and others. The company specializes in providing customized solutions for indoors, outdoors and for both residential as well as commercial setups, including data centres.

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Their flagship solution is EGAPA, a patented filter technology that efficiently reduces high levels of CO2, PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, Odours and other toxic chemicals, thereby providing a comprehensive indoor air quality solution. Besides providing innovative solutions, the company is also focused on unique designs of the products to enhance user experience and align with today’s design sense of homes and offices.


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