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Few weeks ago, we covered MeetAdvisors, where in experts provide free advise to entrepreneurs via email. What’s better than email? Talking on the phone, of course.  Now, we bring to you Clarity – that helps businesses make faster & better decisions to grow your business. Clarity – Talk to the expert!

ClarityWhat is Clarity?

Clarity is a marketplace for business advice. The team makes it easy for you to find, schedule and pay for expert advice over the phone to grow your business.

How does Clarity work?

You get clarity by talking to the expert. Get on to the call by following these steps:

1. Search for experts in any area you need help.

2. After selecting the expert, select one of the three options presented. The expert’s per minute rate is visible on the website. 48 hours is the ideal time to get response from Clarity team.

3.  After everything is set, you can call the expert directly and talk to them. The credit card information is stored with Clarity, but used only after the call is completed.

4. If you still need help you can try submitting your business challenge and Clarity team will recommend some folks for you that they have approved and know can help you out.

Clarity charges 15% fee to the expert for each call. 5% goes to cover transaction fees and infrastructure cost. 10% goes to growing the business.

Watch this to know in a nutshell:

[youtube id=”ujGOtMswwZQ” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Any freebies?

Very recently, Clarity has launched a free ebook which contains insightful comments from experts all over the world. The advise is split across 14 categories and contains few-liners from industry experts across each category. A particularly good thing is, each quote is followed by the author’s twitter handle if you want to know more or get in touch via Clarity. Get your copy here.

What do we think of Clarity?

The idea is excellent – talk to an expert over the phone to resolve your business problem. Anyday, phone is a better means of communication than messaging and sending emails. If the context of the question is simple enough to be explained on the phone, definitely it will be of great help. However, when people have difficuilty conversing in the expert’s native language and the situations are more geographical, I would like to think that some local expert help will be good. Clarity – is a necessity in global way. But, it would really help entrepreneurs if Clarity-like institutions are set up locally for each country. That way, entrepreneurs can get the generic and very specific advice  achieving  best of both the worlds. If you really want to get advice from an expert you follow on twitter, Clarity will definitely come to the rescue.

Do give a try and let us know your thoughts in comments.


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