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If statistics and reports are to be believed, the global warehouse management automation market is likely to surge to at least US$19.5 billion in value by the end of 2025. This hints that we can expect many advancements in the space in the near future in the area.

AI is enabling warehouse automation with the help of IoT sensors that allow businesses to capture and analyse data in real-time. Hence, the mundane task of sorting and arranging the packages to be transported out of a warehousing hub has been upgraded and is done through machines, which in turn has improved the efficiency and turnaround time for e-commerce companies to serve their clients.

Let’s have a look at companies that are utilising the power of AI and IoT to make lives simpler for both businesses and end consumers in India

Atmos Systems

Atmos Systems has brought about a new approach to overall warehouse operations to maximise returns solely through digital investments. Focusing on value driven warehouse automation, Atmos automates various warehouse functions, both partially or fully, with the help of ASRS Systems, ACR Systems, WMS, material handling machines, sortation systems and smart conveyor systems.

The company draws a strong lineage in automation of the Indian manufacturing industry, under the name of Saifi. Its offerings have been availed across E-commerce, FMCG, 3PL and logistics industries. A full-fledged experience center is slated to be launched by the company soon.

Godrej Koerber

Godrej has been a household name in the country and has played a pioneering role across different sectors and industries, including automation solutions. A joint venture between Godrej and Boyce Mfg Co Ltd and Germany-based Koerber AG, Godrej Koerber offers everything from stacker cranes, which allows you to fully control storage of all goods without any manual intervention, conveyors to rail guided vehicle system, which connects even distant points in an efficient and fast manner.

Falcon Autotech

Falcon Autotech is one of the leading warehouse automation companies in the country, which focuses on providing flexible, smart, cost-effective and innovative solutions. The intra-logistics problems faced by businesses are solved by the home-grown company that designs and manufactures world class warehouse automation systems. Market-bound logistics firm Delhivery recently made an investment in Falcon Autotech to work towards the development of future-ready hardware solutions. The company was founded in 2004 and caters to businesses across logistics, ecommerce, courier etc.

Armstrong Ltd

Armstrong believes in solving complex automation problems related to warehouses and intralgistics with hardware and software intertwined with innovative know-how. Its offerings are not just intuitive but targeted toward space utilisation, high visibility, operational efficacy and effort reduction. The company boasts of 4.0/IIOT compliant solutions, including automated storage and retrieval system, sorting and dispatch management, palletising, etc.


The company provides AI cloud software along with robotics to enhance the overall capacity of any warehouse. A disrupter of sorts in warehouse automation space, the company has introduced several innovative automation solutions for assisted picking, vertical space utilization, autonomous picking and turn to stock. The solutions are equipped with high configurability and fastest speed.

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