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Affiliate marketing is an old age concept. For one to use it effectively, it involves continuous management and careful scrutiny of the links in the content. Here comes CueLinks, that promises to take all the hassle away from content owners, providing most effective way of affiliate marketing for Indian publishers.

For the benefit of our readers, we first give you the official video of CueLinks, which tells the entire story :

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CueLinks is for Indian content publishers – Blogs, Forums, News and Others. It helps in monetization of their website not only effective but extremely easy way. They just need to do a 2-minute java script code in website footer and CueLinks will take care of the rest. You can find all the awesome features for publishers here.

We caught up with Mehul, co-founder of CueLinks.  Below are the excerpts of the chat:


Tell us what CueLinks is all about.

CueLinks is a 2-minute content monetization tool for website owners/publishers. We are more of Affiliate Marketing enablers compared to Affiliate Ad Networks. We help publishers earn revenue from their awesome content via Affiliate Marketing while we completely abstract out technicalities behind Affiliate Marketing.

What kind of content does CueLinks monetize? Can a personal blogger earn money through CueLinks?

Any kind of content that links to websites where transactions happen can be monetized via CueLinks. So it could be travel or matrimony or e-Commerce related content. Personal bloggers can easily earn via CueLinks, if they can send some outbound traffic to merchants. We already have over 200+ bloggers using CueLinks and doing great progress.

What is Net60 payment model used by CueLinks?

We believe in having a very transparent revenue sharing model where we pass on revenue earned 60 days after the transaction happens via a visitor sent by publisher and commission is credited to publisher’s account. We follow Net60 payment model since some transactions might get cancelled by merchants due to order cancellations or returns and this is the payment cycle also followed by all merchants  and affiliate networks.

What is the USP of CueLinks, when compared to other content monetization companies out in the market?

As far as I know, there is no Content monetization company catering to Indian publishers. We currently work with largest number of merchants in India compared to any affiliate network as we are a meta aggregator of all affiliate programs available in the market.

From technology perspective, tell us how CueLinks achieves its mission using little java code at the footer? This is mainly for the techies in us, to understand the awesome product working behind CueLinks.

Since the objective of CueLinks is to monetize each and every outbound link, the javascript code catches any clicks a visitor makes and sends it via CueLinks API which then takes over and converts it into an affiliate link and tracks all the way until a transaction happens on the Merchant’s end. All this happens unobtrusively in the backend and visitors nor the website owners would notice any change on the normal visitor browsing pattern or interaction with the website.

What is the initial investment for CueLinks like? Has it achieved breakeven yet?

Being a technology platform for publishers, Our primary investment have been in hiring great talent who is passionate about technology as well as Marketing and who shares the same vision of how Technology can transform Marketing. We are fortunate enough to break even.

What is the revenue model for CueLinks, as the sign up for both merchant and publisher is free?

We pass on 65% of commission earned to our publishers which can go upto 75% for bigger publishers. Being a performance marketing company, we only make revenue when our publishers do well.

How does CueLinks manage merchant information? And what is the process followed to ensure all the major and new merchants are covered with your company?

Being an owner of India’s largest shopping community, We are fortunate enough to have all major merchants covered in our program. We have also partnered with ad networks like OMG India, Tyroo Direct to increase our merchant coverage.

What are the future plans for CueLinks?

We are already working on link insertion tool for our publishers where certain keywords would automatically be converted into money-generating links . We are also launching the same product for publishers in other South east Asian countries in next three months.

About the founders

They havea history of launching publishing website DesiDime – an online shopping community, 2 years back which already attracts 1.6 million visitors every month.  Jimish Jobanputra worked in USA for 4 years before returning to India to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams and oversees the technology while co-founder Mehul Jobanputra who previously has immense experience in Strategy consulting at Universal Consulting oversees Business Development. Their Advisor on board is Mark Friedgan, who was named Top 25 CTO by Infoworld Magazine.

We think that this is the easiest and most effective way for Indian publishers. If you are a content publisher, do give it a try.


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