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DaeBuild CRM Software has emerged to equip Builders with the tool to connect Staff, Customer and Brokers, track sales and manage customer relationship. Launched in 2011, DaeBuild is fortunate to collaborate with progressive builders and developers who help in finding innovative ways to leverage CRM Software. Today Daebuild is preferred CRM software for various Real Estate Companies across India. Their installation base spans across various cities of India and their customers include Developers in the space of Townships, Mixed Use Projects, Residential, Commercial and Plotting.

The Founder
sachin mehra

Sachin Mehra

DaeBuild CRM is a brain child of Sachin Mehra who founded Daemon Information Systems way back in 1998 at the age of 22. A self starter with capital to survive only for few days has come a long way to develop Daemon as a strong player in enterprise software development. It took him over 13 years of determined, passionate, tireless struggle to fulfill his dream of a Software product that would bring joy to its users.

Market Research Involved

We are in an era where Internet has transformed how homes are bought, sold and constructed. This paradigm shift where Builders are embarking on implementing new technologies along with better architecture and design is certainly adding value in life of each home buyer. But are we equipped with the technology that enable us to connect, build relationships and compete in today’s evolving real estate sector which entails multi-dimensional approach to selling, from the point of finding the prospect, site visit, overcome hindrances, build faith and create relationship that results in closing – all in a highly competitive market.

Sachin Mehra (Founder of DaeBuild) says that the purpose of existence of DaeBuild CRM is to bridge the gap between Real Estate Developer and there customers, it is to empower the buyer and seller. It is more then just software, it is a means to implement your business philosophy and those who capitalize on it, gain an edge over their competitors who don’t.

DaeBuild CRM Software is specifically tailored for Indian Real Estate Developers and enables them to organize and automate various processes related to Leads, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents, Brokers, and Staff. It is bundled with “The White Board” first of its kind which initiates an emotive connect between Real Estate developers and Technology. It is an intelligent emotive tool which enables Developers/Builders and there staff to get access to key Sales/Revenue/Customer information, important for decision making on daily basis.

Marketing Techniques Employed

One of the key challenges was to develop the reach of DaeBuild CRM software with very limited marketing budgets. Their key strategy was to have one-on-one dialogue with their target clients. This was further supported by Product mailers, Referrals, Online Promotions, Pay per Click programs and other SEO techniques.

The Competitors & Their USP

DaeBuild receives competition from various organized and unorganized players. Depth of features in DaeBuild software clubbed with strong thrust on quality and simplicity of use differentiates them from most of the competitors.

The Challenges Faced

The key challenge was to design a product which is flexible and adaptable to all categories of Builders. Strong field research and equilibrium between all aspects of Product development enabled them overcome this challenge and develop DaeBuild real estate CRM software. The founder suggests entrepreneur’s to absolutely be determined to win and take every adversity as a valley of training and scale the next mountain of success no matter what.

In the Pipeline…

The company is self-funded and they are continuing to inject funds towards innovation and new versions. To scale up the operation, they would certainly be exploring equity participation in future.

With release of their new version just round the corner, the team plans to continue adding value to real estate sector. They would be further intensifying the field research, bring in more innovative features and broaden the horizons of the market reach.


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