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Design Your Ahmedabad

eChai Ventures & Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India ( EDI ) recently organized the Design Your Ahmedabad Challenge on 8th March,Saturday at EDI Campus to make a better Ahmedabad by engaging entrepreneurs, professionals, academicians, students, and civic authorities to build solutions for the challenges faced by the people of Ahmedabad.

Entrepreneurs, professionals, architects, students from diverse background joined together to brainstorm and build solutions for ahmedabad. Initially all the participants pitched their ideas what are the problems, potential solutions and how they are willing to contribute, then all the ideas were brainstormed and finally following projects were finalized which will be lead by the participants whose are projects were selected.

Out of all these projects top 5 projects were selected as the winners with public voted by the participants – RIDE SENSE. PRIDE SENSE l LET’s GO l CLEAN KAR CAMPAIGN l KAKA PROJECT l MENTOR VENTURES.

These teams will be invited to present their work at ‘Design Your Ahmedabad’ conference to be hosted on 5th April where many prominent people of ahmedabad are expected to participate. Top 2 winners judged by the jury will be given the Rs. 10k cash prize each.

eChai Ventures & Design Your Ahmedabad team and partners will be actively supporting all the initiatives.

1. LET’s GO ! – Car Pool/ Ride Sharing for events by Deep Patel, Budding Entrepreneur

2. RIDE SENSE. PRIDE SENSE. Sticker Campaign for promoting responsible traffic and parking behavior by Pathik Jhalavadia, Tech Entrepreneur

3. MENTOR VENTURES – Online and Offline resource to link mentors & New Ventures – by Vishesh Bansal, Lawyer

4. KAKA PROJECT – Text and/or voice enabled mobile app to access information about institutions, processes etc. – starting with Public Transport by Shivam Dhruva, Tech Entrepreneur

5. CLEAN KAR CAMPAIGN – Clean air awareness campaign – on-ground activities with volunteers+Videos, pamphlets, social media etc. by Nishit Jariwala, Student Entrepreneur, Founder,

6. SAU MATE SAUCHH – Clean public toilets ( Build/Install and also Map the existing public toilets )+Dust Bins by Priyesh Desai, Architect

7. EXPERTSHUB – Mobile App to connect event organizers with Subject Matter Experts/Speakers by Brijesh Patel, Student of LDCE

8. EDCURATOR – Education portal with video content to teach tech tips/functionality by Aakash Jethwani, Tech Entrepreneur

9. MOCHIBHAI – Giving cobblers better visibility with mapping/signboard by Design Your Ahmedabad Team

10. AHMEDABAD CARES – Support system of volunteers at municipality hospitals/banks to assist people about basic processes by Design Your Ahmedabad Team

11. SHAREYOURBOOKS – Community book-sharing platform by Design Your Ahmedabad team

Existing Ventures Building solutions for Ahmedabad also presented at Design Your Ahmedabad :

12. CHOWK – Community Center/Hub for Startups ( Shared work-space, meeting rooms, events, network, resources etc. ) by Shital Shah, Co-Founder, Chowk

13. PEN PALS – Making utility products from waste pens by Wrich Johari, Co-Founder, WAY

Stay tuned!


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