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So, you have a business. You have a website for this business and you have invested a fair share of your money in online and offline marketing. You also have a business phone number that you have placed across all of your marketing collaterals and are expecting calls from people interested in your product. But have you thought about the effectiveness of the marketing collaterals that you have invested in? Wouldn’t you like to know which marketing channel is bringing in the maximum number of sales enquiries for your business? This is where lead logging and lead management acts as your savior.

Thus far, we have seen plenty of tools that would help you analyze the working of your marketing campaign. But these tools are useful to a certain extent and that too, for online channels by measuring clicks driven by your online ads. But no tool holds good when it comes to actually measuring your marketing RoI and logging your leads that you receive over phone calls. Careful logging and management of your phone leads driven by online and offline ads would let you know exactly how effective your marketing campaigns are and also boosts your sales conversions.  Wouldn’t it be great if there would be a tool that would help you log your leads and assign actions that would help you in converting leads to sales? Solutions Infini has just the right tool for you.

Dialstreet – Your Lead Management Tool

Solutions Infini is one of India’s leading SMS marketing and enterprise messaging solutions provider. Their trailblazing journey from being a web design company in 2009 to India’s fastest growing messaging company today was aided by their stellar line up of products and their customer and business-centric thought. This thought has fuelled the development and launch of their latest product, Dialstreet.

Dialstreet is a cloud-based call and lead logging tool integrated with a virtual business phone number that keeps track of all your calls and leads. Dialstreet marks Solutions Infini’s foray into the cloud enabled SaaS industry, but with a difference. While the big players in the bulk messaging industry have worked on developing cloud telephony applications aimed at SMEs, Dialstreet has managed to take cloud telephony to the next level by taking its utility beyond being a mere virtual receptionist.

So what does Dialstreet do?

Dialstreet provides you with a virtual business phone number that you can distribute and circulate along with your marketing collateral. Now every call that you receive on this number, as a result of your marketing initiatives, gets logged and accounted for. This gives you a clear picture of the number and quality of unique leads that were generated through your marketing campaign. Dialstreet has an inbuilt Analytics panel and can also be integrated with third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics, giving you a complete and comprehensive analysis of your campaigns, and, more conversions. You can also integrate Dialstreet to your existing CRM. Measuring your RoI on marketing made easy!

Manage Your Leads and Calls Too!

The Dialstreet application dashboard has been designed to serve a plethora of purposes. The lead management module in Dialstreet helps you assign actions to the leads that have been logged through your phone calls. It also lets you decide the type of action that needs to be taken for each lead. You could schedule a follow up that you could carry out either by yourself or by assigning it to someone else. The telephony integration allows you to make a call directly from your application dashboard or schedule a phone call for later. Call recording ensures that you never miss an enquiry. In case a call is unanswered, it gets recorded as a voice mail and is emailed directly to you.

Add Pizzazz to Your Business Calls

Dialstreet lets you choose your own phone number. You can choose from a large list of vanity, Toll Free and regular phone numbers that lets you program unlimited extensions. You can also create an organized call flow using the IVR Studio. You can have a custom IVR to answer your calls and guide your customers to their desired extension. This would make any potential customer go wow at the level of attention you have paid to your business communication.

What’s In the Pipeline?

Dialstreet’s functionality does not end here. Dialstreet plans to add a whole lot of features that is sure to cover all the communication and analytical requirements of a business. One such feature, which is not too far away from launch, is List Management. List Management allows you to be listed in 200 different marketplaces in India using your Dialstreet number. This is sure to add a lot of visibility to your business and will incite a lot of enquiries, and thus, increased conversions.

With the launch of Dialstreet, managing your leads and measuring your RoI on marketing is now made possible. Now you can identify and maximize the potential of your online and offline marketing through effective lead logging and analytics using this simple, yet, effective tool. Use Dialstreet, log your leads, increase conversions and enjoy your selling.

About the Author:

The above article has been contributed by Kriti Singh, Public Relations, Solutions Infini Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.



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