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DoneNotDone-featuredEvery passing week a new to-do app makes its way to the mobile app stores and begs for your attention by promising to remind you to pick up the milk. Betaworks, the makers of Done Not Done, have decided to build something different – an app that keeps track of the stuff that we want to do rather than have to do. Currently Done Not Done is available as a web app and on iOS platform. (Hope the Android version sees the light of the day soon)

Signing up and exploring

The sign up process is fairly simple and you can create an account with a Facebook or Twitter login. The one good thing about the app is, it explicitly mentions that it requires only Read Access for the About Me section in Facebook and nothing else. I am liking these guys already! Once you are done selecting a username and password, you are guided through a series of questionnaire like forms that asks you whether you have watched the Casablanca, The Dark Knight Rises, etc. The app smoothly guides the first time users to explore around and get comfortable using it. For each activity you want to do – be it watching a movie or reading a book, you can select the corresponding option: mark it as Done or Not Done, add a little comment why you did/want to do it and a rating.

Finding friends

You can currently link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to find friends. Since this is a new app, there is not much chance that your friends are already on it but that is no excuse to not try this app. You can spread the word through Facebook and Twitter. The only complaint I have is the status update on Facebook looks a bit dull and boring – hope they have come out with some Pinterest-like board that will get some eyeballs.

Exploring around

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The Ideas section shows all the things your friends have done and that you haven’t. In Find & Add section you can search for anything that you want to do – say watch Harry Potter. Then you can filter the results whether it is the movie you want to watch or the book you want to read or the audio book that you want to listen to. Click on each option – add a comment, rate it and share it via Facebook or Twitter.

On iPhone

I got to play around the app only on the browser. But some of the reviews about the iPhone app mention the UI is beautiful but slow and lags at time, something usually unheard of for an iPhone app. But we can give the makers the benefit of doubt and hope they fix it soon.

Overall, the idea seems to be good and there definitely is lot of scope for improvement and the team admits it too on their blog. The team also intends to give us more ‘verbs’ to do as stated in their purpose page.

“Verbs!?—?We want you to think in verbs, not nouns. Don’t search for a movie; search for something you want to watch. Don’t just add books to your Done list; read more books you love. Nouns pile up. Verbs get things done.”

Go ahead and give this app a spin and drop in your comments about it.

This article has been reproduced from Sridhar’s blog.


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