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echai demo day

Point10 Ventures & MICA Comcubator hosted the eChai Demo Day – a quarterly showcase 18 of innovative products and ventures in front of the large entrepreneurial community of over 200+ entrepreneurs.

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Nagesh Rao, President & Director, Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad ( MICA ) and Mr. Sunil Parekh delivered the keynote speech where he explained the importance of the entrepreneurship & Innovation to build the great nation. And how India can leverage the power of young population build the global competitive advantage and build innovative products and technologies which can be used by people across the world.

echai demo day

Also Prof. U T Rao who Heads – MICA Comcubator mentioned about their plans of expanding the MICA Comcubators facilities into MICA campus also. He mentioned that there are already7 startups incubated at MICA Comcubator operative out of from City office and they are hoping to increase the number of incubatees in coming few months when they start the incubation center in MICA campus itself. This will really help lot of upcoming startups focused on Communications which will get infrastructure support, mentorship support, and seed funding. MICA will continue to support start-ups through more such programs.

echai - Jatin Chaudhary - Point10 Ventures

Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder – Point10 Ventures talked about the how Point10 is evolving as some sort of a G-School – A School of doing good things with three Point10 ventures:

1. eChai – eChai is Gujarat’s premier community of young entrepreneurs. Every month over 2000+ entrepreneurs participate in a certain eChai programs. eChai promotes entrepreneurial culture among youth thru entrepreneurial programs, skill-based challenges and web television. eChai is being supported by a huge entrepreneurial community in Gujarat.

2. Sweetly – 35+ tribal women in Dangs get employment by working with Sweetly as jewelry designer

3. CampfireTrips – Over 200+ people from all across the world have participated in the CampfireTrips organized in Dangs Forsts which promotes rural tourism and helps travelers discover the rural Gujarat.


Some Awesome Companies who gave presentations at eChai Demo Day @ MICA Comcubator :-


Is the visual centric cloud collaboration tool for mid-sized enterprises in India for team management, planning and optimizing their biggest resource – people.

Mech Mocha Game Studios:

Aim at creating highly approachable casual games with stunning graphics, addictive gameplay and scalable IPs. We are working on “PABLO & The Puppet Punch”, a casual action/arcade game for iOS devices aimed for ages 9+.


Is an interactive study notes service rooted in research-proven techniques that help to learn faster and longer. Classmint lets anyone create annotable, audible, beautiful notes that can be folded like a paper.

Is an on-line productivity and collaboration tool. Most of the productivity software available, are either way too simple for your serious projects or way too complex and time-consuming.

Is the unique memorial portal which helps us relive memories of our departed loved ones and ancestors. Here one can store, publish and share biography (multiple languages), photos, videos, personal and family details, post condolence messages (multiple languages), set background music and birth/death anniversary reminders to relatives and friends.

Is an online media company specifically focussed on Ahmedabad. CityShor explores & tells what is best in Ahmedabad in Food, Fashion, Home Decor, Events, Travel, and Entertainment & ‘etc’ category.

Indian Pride:

Started with, Gujarati Pride a combination of bunch of applications that Include Gujarati Shayri, Kavita, Jokes, Gazal, Gujarati Recipe, Gujarati Editor and Gujarati eBooks. Gujaratis across the globe can enjoy this entertaining content which is updated almost every 15 days. The content can be shared among all social networks. Another Gujarati Pride app is a Gujarati eBook app, this app has around 19 books and growing in number. This app allows to read gujarati books for free. It is now available in other major regional languages of India.

Binary Thinkers:

Is the game development company which brings the best of Games, Graphics and apps to people. Some of their innovative games include – Apple Run 3D & Snakes & Ladders 3D.

Aims to  develop a platform where instructors and institutions can quickly create learning solutions and methodologies that complement school learnings – enabling students to optimize and enhance their learning experience and achieve success in their endeavors. NO CONSTRAINT of distance, space and language should exist.

Is a crowd-funding and online fund raising platform for projects where creative ideas meet financial contributors to transform your unique ideas into reality.

Hash Media:

Is building a  Virtual Mirror – An Augmented reality trial room application with point of sale installation , which helps to try out different types of clothes , jeweleries , spectacles , etc. with the help of webcam and Virtual Real Estate – An Augmented Reality application to a 3D graphical model of any kinds of buildings or monuments and helps of the see through the plans of any floors or room plans in 3D i.e. like a 3D virtual tour inside any kinds of building.

Vyaap Technologies:

builds educational apps for kids – ABC for Kids All Alphabet, Kids Zoo Animal Sounds &Photos, Kids learn with fun (Vehicles) and many others, and these apps have seen over 6 million downloads.

MICA Comcubator incubatees presenting their venture., Digital Upstarts, WebMob Technologies, Hmm Biz Web Solutions, Algo Design Studio and

Also as part of Technology For Good program – they are planning to launch – BloodMonk project – to help people find the blood donors easily and build the community of blood donors.

point10 ventures



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