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A white label, plug-and-play edtech solution offers live streaming, Learning Management System (LMS) and updated content on school curriculum, to enable schools to go online in just a week.

Kolkata based content services platform Quizzy has joined hands with AI-enabled video tech startup, Mogi, to launch an edtech solution for schools with an extensive library of educational content. Students will be able to learn through educational on-demand videos and live streaming.

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This white-label platform will replicate the complete schooling experience for students with features such as live streaming for classes, pre-loaded conceptual videos for learning at one´s own pace, video records of live classes, forums for doubt resolution, multiple choice questions, quizzes with timers, assignments, and many more.

“At this time, when the ecosystem is trying to move away from schools, we must innovate learning in the fundamental pillar of the education system. The youth needs it to keep up with the rapidly changing world,” Hiran Banerjee, Founder of Quizzy said in a statement.

He added that there is no set metric for identifying the best teachers in India. The concept of this platform is to empower school teachers, which will add to their expertise combined with technology.

“The global pandemic has forced the entire world to lock themselves and their loved ones inside the house. Parents are afraid to send their kids to schools. However, this has provided an opportunity to revolutionize education in schools as it had to move online to impart education,” Vikrant Khanna, CEO and Co-Founder of Mogi said in a statement.

What it Offers

The edtech platform’s three-layer structure includes an Android- and iOS-compatible mobile app, which has all the bells and whistles of a Learning Management System. It also offers a web-based portal to enable the management of content and subscribers, access video analytics, and advanced technology for enhancing video quality, compressing, transcoding, and live streaming.

Mogi Co-Founder, Khanna, said that today there is an added pressure on teachers to create training videos and also stream live classes, which can lead to hampered efficiency. This new edtech solution not only empowers schools to conduct live classes, but also auto records them, while Quizzy’s content team fine-tunes these videos and releases them for the school’s library.

Teachers can use the edtech platform to create new lessons, evaluate content, analyze the connection of ideas, apply information in new situations, explain concepts for better understanding, and help students remember and recall basic concepts.

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The platform is developed with Mogi’s patented AI technology that enhances video quality, compresses, transcodes, and then delivers buffer free streaming. Moreover, to protect the content IP for schools, the platform is equipped to provide protection against piracy, while real time content level analytics will provide deep insights into how students are learning and grasping the content.


Quizzy is a content services startup platform built for the edtech industry. The company has created content at scale for global edtech platforms. It aims to build a positive impact in the education space. Their Quizzy schools is an initiative towards reaching that goal.


Mogi’s Patent Pending AI technology provides digital content delivery, online video delivery, transcoding, video player, and advanced video analytics. Their video delivery SaaS includes a globally distributed, high-performance network, intelligent software, and support services. They enable video platforms to optimize and deliver digital content to a wide variety of digital devices in a highly scalable way in real time. Their services are targeted towards on-demand video publishing, online gaming, content distribution to any device, website, and web application.


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