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Perspectico, an edtech platform that assists students in taking better and informed career decisions, has raised a second round of seed funding of an undisclosed amount from SSCBS (Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies) Innovation & Incubation Foundation (SIIF). This second round funding by a repeat investor is a boost to the monthly revenue growth of the organisation, which has impacted students by understanding their career interests and pursuing their respective careers across Delhi University.

SIIF is a company promoted by and is an outcome of Incubation Policy from Government of NCT, Delhi.  Perspectico is a venture launched by the alumnus of SSCBS, the host institute for SSCBS Innovation and Incubation Foundation (SIIF). The amount raised will be utilized in their marketing and expansion plans in colleges and geographies expanding across multiple careers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

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Incorporated in October 2017, the company is the brainchild of its CEO and founder, Nikhil Chainani, who is the organisational backbone behind the company’s functionality and strategy. Chainani launched the company as during his college years, he himself faced the struggle of evaluating career choices.

Commenting on this initiative, Nikhil Chainani, CEO of Perspectico, says, “We have learned a lot in the past 13 months of operation about students and their job placement difficulties. The initial SIIF investment catapulted us from an idea to a revenue-generating venture. The confidence shown towards us by SIIF will help us fine tune our product offering.”

He further added, “With the perspicacious mentorship of Dr. Poonam Verma and Mr. Naresh Priyadarsh in all aspects of our business, and the support of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, I express profound gratitude to my college and the Government of Delhi for their confidence in Perspectico.”

According to Dr. Poonam Verma, Chairperson of SIIF and Principal of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, “We are proud that our alumni are becoming successful entrepreneurs and job creators, setting examples for students graduating from the college in coming years. Nikhil continues to add laurels to SSCBS, as he did during his college years.”

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Naresh Priyadarshi, CEO of SIIF, says, “Nikhil and his co-founders have taken significant risks by leaving plum corporate jobs and launching Perspectico, and they are on the right track of making Perspectico hugely successful.  They have made a good blend of offerings keeping customers in mind, have hit the market early and are constantly evolving their products. SIIF is happy to see how well its first seed-funding into Perspectico was leveraged, and now the relationship has been cemented further by the second round of seed-fund.”

Perspectico is a platform that assists youngsters in making better and more informed career decisions and helps them become job ready. Perspectico invites industry experts from companies, such as Nomura, HSBC, Kotak, GenNext Ventures, Deloitte, Xander Private Equity, and Unitus Capital, to conduct sessions with students. Since August 2017, the company has conducted over 10 offline sessions with a footfall of over 50 students in each session.


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