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It is very common these days to have social signup option for the website you have been visiting.  Social signup is the option to register at a website using one of your existing social network or email identities. According to research of their data at JanRain for Q1 2013, they have released a report releasing which identity providers are the most popular choices.

Highlights of the report:



  • Facebook currently leads as the most popular identity provider for social login. Its popularity is especially pronounced on entertainment, gaming, retail and consumer brand website
  • Facebook drops in popularity from 49% in Q4 2012 to 46% in Q1 2013
  • Google gains in popularity from 31% to 34% during the same period above.  Its popularity is most evident on retail and consumer brand sites
  • 80% of business professionals choosing to log in with their LinkedIn identity on some B2B websites




What do these finding mean for businesses?

Social sharing enables your users to broadcast content and activities from your site to their social networks, increasing brand advocacy and creating an effective source of qualified referral traffic back to your site. So, Digital Marketers should focus on adding a social layer to their site to improve engagement and drive conversions. It becomes apparently mandatory that social login and sharing should be fully integrated for a successful online presence.


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