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An efficient and reliable app development software is one that makes it easy for anyone to develop apps that are engineered to suit each business requirement. Gone are the days when mobile apps were associated either with news, information, or gaming, for now it is an indispensable requirement of any business.

In the current times, there is a plethora of application development platforms that essentially provide app developers with an environment comprising all tools required to create the applications. To help you zero in on the right partner for the purpose, we have compiled a list of some of the best standalone app development platforms for 2022.


Fluxon, an agile product development company is known for its fast-paced development process, if one is looking to build an app from scratch in a traditional way. The team led by team leaders from Google and other such tech giants has been instrumental in the success of many other platforms and has created apps like Dory and Eraser in the past.

Riding and creating industry trends, the startup has a client base of both enterprise and startup genres. Riding on the top management experience, the company provides value for money solutions to meet any kind of IT development needs.


IBM is another name in the list of standalone app developers, as it helps build cloud native applications engineered to deliver higher scalability, faster time to market, cost reduction, and simplified management. By leveraging IBM’s cloud-native application builder, a business can transform customer experience with technical agility and portable applications that are deployable on any cloud.

Furthermore, unique automated tools provided for testing and deployment allow businesses to optimise cloud application development while reducing total cost of developing new applications.

Appy Pie

One of the top global cloud-based app builders, Appy Pie is the go-destination if a business intends not to get into any hassle like coding. The app building platform is in fact the only no-code platform globally to register more than five million own app downloads on Android.

Loaded with a wide host of features and drag-and-drop mechanism for app building, its services can be availed on subscription basis. The platform offers specific app builders for different businesses like shopping, restaurant, on demand delivery etc. Apart from apps, Appy Pie is also a one stop solution for building chatbots, websites, designs etc. It further has advanced solutions to automate business workflows.


Hubbler is another leading no-code platform that makes it to the list of best standalone app development platforms. Hubbler allows businesses, even enterprises, to build powerful apps to automate their unique operational processes.

After getting required details about a business process, Hubler  helps create a customised workflow, following which one can choose additional features or add directives. And once these steps are over, the customer gets a powerful business app functional across all – iOS, web, and Android.


Zvolv is another new-age no-code platform that thrives on the power of intelligent automation to help companies and professionals build smart business process applications. It offers a no-code visual process engine that captures, innovates and evolves processes within hours. Besides, it also has in its kitty a low-code intelligent bot builder as well as integration hub with smart APIs.

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