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We have read, heard, came across and featured various types of e-commerce stores and their entrepreneurs, but this one is a bit different.

When shopping online, you browse through various options available and then finalize on what you want to purchase and it gets delivered to your doorstep. But that’s not what will happen when you shop at FunThingStore. This is one little store which sells surprise boxes.

I’ll not talk much and will directly get into conversation with Himanshu Sachdeva, Founder of FunThingStore and know more about it.

What is FunThingStore about? How is it different from the usual online e-commerce stores?, is a fun website, that work for surprises. Now it’s a time of “www” era, generally we go to a shopping site, choose a product, place an order & receive it at given premises. We know what we are going to receive. It’s a common process.

We believe that anything can be sold on the internet, so why not a Surprise Box (we called it Funthing Box). Here at, you place an order & you don’t know what you are going to receive, until you opened it.

Is Rs. 150/- the fixed amount? And the user can expect any gift of that amount?

Yes, Rs. 150 is fixed amount including free shipping in India. Also users will get 1 or more things in the Funthing Box of worth or over Rs. 150/-.

Now we are in process to sell this Funthing Box in other countries too with amount of $50 including free shipping worldwide.

How did this all started? How did you come up with this idea?

We all want to give surprises to our loved one, infact everyone loves surprises. But before giving a surprise everybody thinks like: what to give, how to give, how much it’s cost etc…, that thinking process work for me and then I came up with an Idea of selling “Surprise Boxes” (called Funthing Box) of fixed price with Free Shipping. I have given a name to this “Funthing Store”.

Is FunThingStore Bootstrapped or have you received any fundings?

Funthing Store is completely self-funded company.

For shiping and logistics have you tied up with any service providers?

Yes for shipping of Funthing Boxes, we have tied up with two economic class Shipping / Courier Agencies according to their availability in different part of the country.

Tell us something about the people behind FunThingStore?

I (Himanshu Sachdeva, Founder) started this company in early 2013 (April 2013). I started working with my family support. The process of getting an order to final delivery to end user, I did all jobs; my family supported me a lot. But now, when we have started decently and are getting regular orders I have hired two employees (part time employees) for doing all jobs.

What are your plans for FunThingStore?

Well… in the initial stage, we have started little slow, our first priority is that people should adopt our concept. We will review are planning or marketing strategies time to time as per user need. Meanwhile we are trying to get orders from corporate world too.



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