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This app helps track the consumption and leakage of water.

In a day and age when we can track almost anything on our smartphones, it’s tough to understand why we haven’t started monitoring our water consumption through mobile phones.

Although 75% of our planet is covered by water, only 0.003% of it is fit for human consumption. Water is a scarce resource, and it’s high time we start keeping a check on its consumption the way we track our heart-rate, air quality, energy consumption, etc.

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Now, a talented bunch of industry experts and scientists have developed an IoT-enabled water-meter called bluebot v8.1 that can help people track consumption and leakage of water through an app on their smartphones.

“During the testing phase, our users were able to reduce their property’s water bill by up to 42% over three months by implementing minimal changes to their water use habits. We plan to help millions in the US and Canada,” says Nicole Barkis from the core team of bluebot.

How it Works

The universality of the app is such that anyone can install it by clamping it on copper, PVC, PEX, or galvanized water lines, ranging from ¾-2 inch pipe sizes. It’s ideal for any property with an up to 2 inch water line, single-family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments, small businesses, and second homes.

After installing the product on a pipe, the user can plug in to power, open the app, connect via Wi-Fi, and access the water consumption information through their smartphone. It captures around 43,200 data points per day to help keep an eye on water leaks, reducing monthly bills and promoting sustainability.

The data is captured and transmitted through an app within seconds, and sometimes even faster.

Keep Tab on Every Penny

Regardless of the user’s location, they can have a second-by-second account of water consumption in their property. This makes it most suited for the vacation rental segment as well. With one bluebot app, vacation homeowners can connect multiple bluebot devices, which means they can track water consumption at several properties with just one smartphone.

It comes with a ‘Dollarize™’ feature that helps users convert water consumption on any specific use into a dollar amount. bluebot allows them to know how much they are spending on dishwashers or irrigation. Small business owners and households can benefit from this feature because it will help them keep a tab on every penny they spend on the water.

Crowdfunding at Indiegogo

The founders started working on the concept of bluebot in 2017. Over the next three years, they refined its effortless installation, technology, and interface design. The core team comprises ultrasonic flow industry experts with a combined 55 years of flow product development expertise, strengthened by a special focus on ultrasonic sensor technology and flow calibration. The team also has a Harvard Law alum, a Yale Water scientist, a bunch of talented engineers, and a particularly creative duo.

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Their efforts yielded desired results, as bluebot meets all the requisite standards of consumer electronic devices set by the FCC and CE. The founders also hold a US patent on the technology behind bluebot.

They are seeking backers through a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo here. They are currently testing the units and are also prepared for scaling. The target is to begin fulfilling Indiegogo backers in October 2020 with the first round of units once the final round of testing is complete.


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