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guest bloggingGuest Blogging is getting popular as an digital marketing methodology, and many authors are actively publishing posts related to the market segments of their respective clients. Guest post blogging is now a profession for some. Businesses which adopted the use of this technique, are already reaping the benefits because of the early start.

Guest blogging is quite different from blogging, because you will be publishing your content on the blogs which is owned by someone else. The question here is why would you want to write on someone else’s blog?

Here are some benefits of guest posting which prove to be very effective tool of establishing credibility.

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1) Authority Image

When you do a lot of guest posting, people who look for the content related to your industry will find you everywhere. If you present the right facts and adding value to their knowledge, you will start getting respect, and establish your image as an expert in the industry.

2) High Quality Traffic

The high traffic blogs allow other writers to leave their own backlinks on the author’s Bio section. Hence, you get a lot of exposure of high quality traffic on your website from those blogs.

By high quality, we mean they are people who are actually seeking information related to your business domain, then they come to your site. It clearly indicates that they are very much interested in your product, or knowledge (content) you are sharing.

3) SEO Advantage

When you get a good amount of traffic from other sites, the Search engines start to improve your search rankings. The more traffic comes on your website, the better your ranking gets on the search engines.

4) Increase Exposure

When you are posting on your own website you will have a limited exposure, which is only from those readers who are visiting your site, but when you write guest post, the readers on other sites also get to know you as one of the experts in the domain. It has a great impact in the long run.

5) Interaction and Feedback

When you publish a guest post on high ranking blogs, more people will be willing to share their opinions and comments on your post. They open up to you, if you are a dedicated blogger. Your business will benefit a lot by using these feedbacks and engagements.

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6) Improve Your Social Presence

You can leave a link of your social media handles like your Facebook page or Twitter handle for the people who consider you as a respected professional in your business niche. You never know when your content gets viral, because of this huge social media backbone you build over time. Most of the great contents get viral through social media networks.

These are the benefits of guest post writing, these benefits are not limited to a few business domains. If you find the writing and publishing procedure to be too time consuming, or if you don’t have good writers in-house, then you can even hire professional guest posting services to manage your campaigns. To learn more about guest posting, you can visit


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