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The very straight forward mantra for business is getting the name of the company right. Every year there are 7000 – 8000 startups in India. To be a successful entrepreneur, you try to get the name perfect (irrespective of Oxford dictionary). If you dont know what haptik meansHaptik is the science of applying touch sensation and control to interaction with computer applications. Wondering why this android app is named Haptik? Because it is a tool that bring companies on your fingertips. In Haptik, You apply a touch sensation to talk to solution providers rather than having them on call.

Download the app from iOS and Play store


Why Haptik is a must have app:

UntitledTake out your SIM card. Your phone now has become a useless Crap because you cannot call 1800-toll-free number. What if your SIM is dead and you need to confirm the luggage quota for Indie Green Airlines. Or suppose you need to locate nearest GYM beside you. You cant pray to God, either use Chrome or Firefox to Google the number, or Whatsapp your girlfriend for a little help in 2 AM.

Haptik has a team of punctual, accurate, sophisticated and experienced experts who are available to serve you 24×7. They are your personal customer care who knows that you live in the time when Facebook purchased Whatsapp. You can chat away with those Haptik experts for any query you want.

Why Haptik is a must have app? Because every smartphone has atleast 2G network turned on, and no one gives a damn about toll free numbers to search through their phone browser. The life has been made simpler for you by abating the time required to hunt for toll free numbers. Therefore, Haptik is a must have app atleast for all Indians.

Look at this browsing options. You have all what you need here. Airlines, banking, Insurance, Retail etc. They are just a click away. After you choose the category you will the list of companies alphabetically. You can choose whatever you desire.

Haptik Pros

1) Even if you have 1800-toll-free in your hand, you will be tired of all the  bull c**ps about them requiring your name and phone number. Haptik experts doesn’t give a damn, they give you what you need ASAP. End of story.

2) Cuts off the pathetic time required for getting the information like nearest movies, workstations, service centre, what not.

3) Instant reply to you from Haptik experts. No delay AT ALL.

4) There expert guys uses Haptik in their end as a social networking with you.

5) Chat away all your queries to 1000+ companies within seconds.

6) You get notified everytime Haptik experts answers your query.

7) To seriously save your time, Haptik introduced templates for you for urgent query clearance.

8) Available for iOS as well as Android.

Download the app from iOS and Play store

Haptik Cons

1) It will be epic if Haptik has all the major companies in the world

2) You chat with Haptik experts so you get the information restricted to Google or Company’s FAQs.


3) Require mammoth virtual memory. Not recommended for small RAMs and people with poor heart.

4) Notifications may be annoying.

TTP’s take on Haptik

Justdial have a competition now. Haptik is blazing towards being people’s champion. After you installed Haptik and had a chat with 3-5 experts, you will find one smiling fact. The time needed to answer my question was so quick, that i would be dialling 1800s till now! . Talking about virtual memory, Haptik needs to take care about this issue. People with irritating minds who loves fast and light apps will get irritated. So the ones having quadcores and dualcores shall find heaven with this android app.

Currently, the app seems to get lot of feedback to their twitter handle, and is in the process of fixing the initial round of bugs. We wish Team Haptik all the best!


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