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In today’s digital world where ‘content is king’, there isn’t a global platform that connects doctors to their patients in real time. Even though patient engagement is vital and is a buzzword in the world’s leading healthcare marketing campaigns, there seems to be no existing portal that focuses on networking, content, engagement and commerce at the same time.

Founded in September last year, healthRIO is the world’s first healthcare social networking portal that connects patients, doctors and fitness experts on one platform. The portal enables a user (majorly patients) to find and connect with similar users (patients) based on diseases, location or any healthcare topic that they are interested in. They can also follow a healthcare or fitness expert for information or advice. It enables a user to store medical records of their families and even their pets online; in a specially designed section called RIOBOX. Users can also track their family’s healthcare expenses on the portal using the ‘Healthcare Spending Tool’ or setup treatment or prescription reminders for their loved ones.

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“Though there are some popular doctor aggregators & online booking appointments websites in the market, there is a real need of a product that amalgamates the high quality healthcare content and focuses on real-time patient, doctor & fitness experts networking. No existing portals in the market are focused on engagement and are very geography specific thus leading to patients relying on several different portals for medical content, appointment booking or second opinions. We see healthRIO as a game-changing product as it is a unique blend of content and commerce at one place and that which caters to the global market” says Ganesh Gupta, CEO of healthRIO who drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth forward.

Social media is the “new” trend

While as of now the portal only allows networking between users and storage of medical records in RIOBOX, the company is working towards launching the doctor section of the portal which will allow users to network with doctors as well as help them to book appointments, second opinions, or ask relevant questions with their healthcare providers all over the globe.

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“The main focus of our business is to provide a global platform for users to share medical healthcare experience and useful insights to the world and let other users benefit and help them make wiser healthcare decisions’’, explained Pratik Luniya, who looks after the technology and product development of the company. He further added that the team is working towards building new features that focuses on engagement, content, healthcare crowd-funding and more.

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