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Horasis’ latest meeting began today in Binh Duong, just north of Ho Chi Minh City. The international think-tank’s China Meeting, which brings together several hundred of Asia’s leading business, political and technological leaders, will be held in Vietnam over April 14-15.

Horasis China Meeting is the foremost gathering of Chinese business leaders and their global counterparts, with the location of the meeting rotating annually.

Binh Duong was chosen in part due to the city’s rich history and culture, and its prime location near the economic cultural center and most populous city in Vietnam.

The meeting opened with talks about infrastructure, investment, and entrepreneurship in China and the greater region.

According to Rob Garrett, a speaker at the conference, “The best way to understand China and its economic and societal landscape, is to meet its entrepreneurs and business leaders and see how they are handling issues cross border in Vietnam, and beyond. Vietnam itself is a compelling and exciting country on the move.”

Horasis, an independent think-tank with headquarters in Switzerland, was founded in 2005, and its annual China Meeting has become one of the world’s foremost discussion forums. Its meetings offer an ideal platform to explore and foster cooperation, impact investing and sustainable growth across the world.

The organization’s 2024 meeting, held in partnership with the the Southern Vietnamese Province Binh Duong and the China Federation of Industrial Economics, will focus on furthering ties between China and Vietnam, among other areas.

“Our world faces unparalleled stress today. Now is the time for leaders to come together,” said Dr. Richter in a statement. “Only by working together will we be able to inspire our future, and address unprecedented environmental and economic challenges.” 

The annual conference will gather a long list of the world’s most prominent political and business leaders. Joining them will be numerous CEOs and representatives from some of the world’s most respected organizations. Co-chairs at the conference include:

Claude Béglé, Chairman, SymbioSwiss, Switzerland
Dan Cates, Founder, Dan Cates Foundation, USA
Anson Chan, Chairman and Managing Director, Bonds Group of Companies, Hong Kong
Jonathan Choi, Chairman, Sunwah Group, Hong Kong
Fu Qiang, Chief Engineer, China Sinopharm International Corporation, China
Huang Fude, Vice President, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., China
Elisabetta Jiang, Co-founder, Unicorns For Good, Singapore
Roger King, Founder and Chairman, ODS Holdings Inc., Hong Kong
Duane Kuang, Founding Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners, China
Bill Kung, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ecovane Environmental, China
Don Lam, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner, VinaCapital, Vietnam
Bonnie Liao, Executive Director, Social Enterprise Research Academy, Hong Kong
Nguyen Quang Huan, Chairman, Halcom, Vietnam
Nguyen Van Hung, Group Executive Chairman, Becamex IDC, Vietnam
Mike Liu, Vice President and Senior Fellow, Center for China & Globalization, China
Farah London, Founder, Back 2 Business International, United Kingdom
Penny Low, Founder, Social Innovation Park, Singapore
Clas Neumann, Senior Vice President, Head of Global SAP Labs Network, SAP, China
Nhan Huc Quan, General Director, New Toyo Company, Vietnam
Johan Nyvene, Chairman, Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation, Vietnam
David Pan, Executive Dean, Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, China
Murat Seitnepesov, Chairman, Integral Group, Switzerland
Charles Tang, President, Brazil China Chamber of Commerce, Brazil
Tao Yitao, Director, China Center for Special Economic Zones Research, China
Chris Tay, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Drink NOD International, China
Wang Dong, Executive Director, Institute for Global Cooperation, Peking University, China
Yu Jin, Vice President, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China
Felix Zhang, Co-founder, Envision Group, China
Zhi Peng, Secretary General, Zhongguancun M&A Promotion Association, China


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