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A photo along with 140 characters can do enough talking as a quick short story, and you add more photos and that may pretty much aggregate a detailed article and spark some perceptions and opinions. Images tend to be more powerful and outreaching than written messages, dialogues and even videos.

There are thousands of photos being shared every minute, which tend to constitute a data of a billion photos being shared online every year and many people tend to just pick up any photo from the internet and upload it on to their website without even giving the credit. That’s bad.

It would be great if ethical using of images was simple and easier than just stealing from the web, and for the creators who keep on sharing numerous pictures on Instagram, Flickr, Picasa and facebook if the photo could earn it’s worth.

Meet ImgEmbed, called as Image Embed, is a platform that sure seems to try and solve a problem of uncredited image using not by adding security measures but coming up with a win-win deal for both the creator and the user.

ImgEmbed is a unique online marketplace for photographs with a freemium option. A user can search for the photo that he/she requires and embed it in their bog or website for free and make payment only if the impression counts reach upto 10,000.

The creator can decide the amount of payment that is expected for per 1000 impressions. ImgEmbed works on a pay-per-view model where the user will be required to pay somewhere between $1 – $10 per 1000 impressions, if they exceed the free quota of 10,000 impressions per image.

Earn by selling your Photos

For the creators, you can even sell ImgEmbed photos if any users selects any of your photographs to embed on their website or blog.

You can upload the images directly from your computer or let ImgEmbed fetch from your Instagram, Flickr, Picasa or facebook account. Listing your photos on the marketplace is absolutely free and you can set your own pricing for the images; ImgEmbed will take a flat 30% commission on the actual sales.

As a creator uploading the video, you are required to add appropriate titles, descriptions and tags to the images you are uploading, this helps in making the image more easily searchable.

The images are hosted on ImgEmbed’s servers and the HTML code provided to the user ensures the attribution as the photographers name is automatically added to the image.

To get a more better understanding of how ImgEmbed works watch the video and share your thoughts in comments below.




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