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Gone are the days when people would finish their work, so that they were free and ready to watch their serials or cricket matches, or even browse through the newspapers and magazines. According to a report by Cheetah Lab from Cheetah Mobile and UC Media Lab from UCWeb, Indians with smartphone are spending 1.1 hours on an average being entertained by their devices.

According to the numbers for content consumption in India on UC News Feed, the largest category in mobile content consumption for Indian users is entertainment, adding up to 27.4%. The next most consumed categories are Sports and Lifestyle, accounting for 18.6% and 13.8% respectively.

The report, which was released by Cheetah Lab from Cheetah Mobile and UC Media Lab from UCWeb, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, looks into consumption behaviour of Indian mobile users in the time starting January up to September 2018, including the latest trends in the mobile entertainment industry.

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The report has included mobile entertainment such as Long videos, Short videos, Sports, News, and other products and contents excluding games. The report also says that within a range of categories of apps used in India, rate of active penetration for video apps is more than social media apps and second only to tools and communication categories.

In comparison to users in China and in the US, more smartphone users in India opt for online entertainment products. In fact, after this year’s price wars among telcos, for which Reliance Jio is most certainly the catalyst, the rate at which Indian entertainment products are invading the Indian smartphone user market has risen since last year. As a matter of fact, drop in prices has led to an increase in online entertainment products, since they thrive on substantial traffic. As an example, YouTube’s fastest growing market in the past few years, with 225 million Indian monthly active users on mobile devices alone, is none other than India.

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However, still, articles (texts and images) are the most preferred form of content for Indians. The content form on UC News Feed Platform reveals 88.26% as articles, while videos account for 11.24%, and photo albums adding up a measly 0.5%. In fact, Indian smartphone users seems to be turning to their phones for reading news and media, considering in-app consumption accounts for 83.95%, while, video consumption accounts for 16.41%.

Among other data revealed by the study, men below the age of 30 are the biggest consumers of entertainment products, and 6.00 to 10.00 pm are the peak hours for Indian entertainment users. With Hindi being the most consumed language in the entertainment industry, King Khan tops the list of male celebrities among Indian users, followed by Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.


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