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We spend enough time comparing Indian Silicon Valley (Bangalore) with Silicon Valley. What about the rest of the others?  When we came across an interesting infographic prepared by TiE comparing cities in India with U.S.A for the startup scene, it was a no-brainer to immediately share it will you all.

Below is the brief summary

a) Comparing Bangalore and Silicon Valley, we have 1 IPO vs 33 IPOs in Silicon Valley, among other metrics. A total of

b) Comparing New Delhi and New York City, we have 11 IPOs vs 15 in New York City.

c) Hyderabad has 240 startups when compared with 3K+ startups in Los Angeles.

d)Pune has 2 IPOs and Boston has 13 IPOs so far in comparison.

The Infographic compares major cities in India with USA and comes up with pretty neat numbers. Take a look!

Startup scene in India vs USA


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