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Quora office (…) and Amazon Appstore for Android (…)! Our native Android app brings all the core features of Quora to Android phones and 7″ tablet devices, from home feed and notifications to the ability to add questions, answers, and comments.

When we set out to build an Android app, we wanted to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the Android platform to extend your experience of Quora in new ways. Our app was built and designed for Android from the ground up, and follows modern Android design principles so it looks and feels great, even on older devices and platforms.

Here are some of our favorite features that really make Quora shine on Android devices:

Great integrated search (including voice search!):

The quest for information through searching and asking questions is often most difficult when you’re away from a computer. For this reason, we made fast, easy search a core feature of our Android app in three ways. First, Quora results can be integrated into the device’s search, allowing you to search Quora even when you’re not inside the app. Second, every screen in the app gives you access to search. Finally, the strength of Android’s voice recognition makes voice search seamless — just tap the microphone icon when searching to ask aloud. You can then quickly see if anyone’s asked your question before or add a high-fidelity transcription of your question right onto Quora.

Top Answers on the home screen:

Adding widgets to the home screen is a favorite feature of Android users. We’ve included a Top Answers on Quora widget for your home screen to let you keep up with Quora’s best content. The widget is customizable in size and brings you to the app for a full reading experience.

Landscape mode:

Whether you are using a phone or a tablet, people want to hold their devices in the way that’s most comfortable for them. Quora for Android supports landscape mode in the app so you can have the best possible experience. This is especially great on Android tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

The added space lets us show you more content and makes it easier to see more of any answers you’re writing. We’ve been pleased by the increasing number of answers posted from mobile devices, and we’ve made that experience better by letting you insert images straight from your device camera into question details, answers, and comments.

There are many more features and design details we really hope you’ll enjoy. We look forward to your feedback and will continue to iterate to improve our Android experience. A special shoutout to all the Quora users on Android who have been patiently waiting for this app, as well as our beta testers who have tirelessly provided feedback across a wide spectrum of devices. This one is for you!

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