iPad Mini Price


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As is the ritual now, Ebay gets listing of products and devices that are yet to be launched through official channels. The early adopters, who want to get their hands on it before the entire world flock ebay and pick up these devices at a premium cost, which is sometimes double compared to actual cost of the device.

iPad Mini which was announced on October 23rd and is expected to start shipping by November 2nd, is up for pre-order on Ebay India site. The Apple iPad Mini’s wifi only 16GB version is priced at Rs. 25990. The actual cost of this device is USD 329 or approx Rs. 17,300 (as per current exchange rate).
iPad Mini available on Ebay India for Rs. 25,990!


The listing on ebay says that these iPads will be shipped to the buyer on November 9th and seller will provide the tracking number on that day itself and should reach before 20th of November. The seller has only 4 available.

There are also couple of other listings which list iPad Mini (16GB wifi) for sale, but are about Rs. 1000 costlier. So, if you are one of those very early adopters, it might interest you.

For others, who want to go the more traditional way will have to wait for atleast couple of months if not more. Although the official shipping date is November 2nd, iPad Mini is currently available for select countries only and India is not one of them.



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