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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the iPhone 5S, Apple is looking to the future. The tagline for the device is “Forward Thinking”, and like other iPhone devices that came before it, the iPhone 5S comes with features that claim to be revolutionary. That is in the form of a Touch ID sensor that aims to make it easier for you to access your device by using your thumb.

Also, there have been claims that the iPhone 5S has already been sold out in India, but this could be just due to the short amount of devices that were made available in the country. Along with the short stocks of the device, the iPhone 5S price in India is at Rs. 53,499 for the 16 GB version, which is quite high.

The iPhone 5S Is Costly In India, But Apple Has An Answer

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The iPhone 5S cost for an unlocked 16 GB model comes out to 22.6981% of the GDP, making India one of the costliest countries to buy the device. However, there are a few lucrative offers that let you buy the device for less. Reliance, for one, is offering a carrier subsidised deal which is similar to the contract-based model that is followed in the U.S. Through this offer, you can get a 16 GB iPhone 5S for zero down payment and monthly fees of Rs. 2,999 for 24 months. Over the course of two years, the final amount comes to Rs. 71,976. It is still a good deal considering for Rs. 2,999 a month, you get the device along with unlimited talk, text and 3G data.

There is also a buyback scheme that is being launched that allows users to claim a discount of Rs. 13,000 for turning in their old handsets when they’re buying an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.

Even Then, Is The iPhone 5S Actually Selling Well?

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When it comes to a mobile device, there are a lot of factors that indicate its success in a market. According to an article on Indian Express, iPhone 5S is sold out in the country, but the article fails to take into account sales from other outlets. While the iPhone 5S may have sold out at a few sellers, like the ones Indian Express talked to, there are many outlets across the country where both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are available.

When it comes to numbers, it is estimated that a total of 24,000 units of the iPhone 5C were send to outlets across the country, with 6,000 units of the iPhone 5S. Only 200 of these were the gold iPhone 5S, which has been in a huge demand ever since it was unveiled. Initial stock of the devices were extinguished within two weeks, with 2,000 to 3,000 units being sent to India on a weekly basis as Apple shifts most of the units toward countries like the U.S. and U.K., where it is seeing overwhelming demand.

However, it looks like there is more demand for the iPhone 5S than the iPhone 5C, which might sound contradictory considering that the iPhone 5C has been heralded as the device for emerging markets like India.

We talked to Techno Vision, a retailer out of Hyderabad who is known to be the best when it comes to moving iDevices in the entire region. Awarded numerous times for outstanding sales, the retailer mentions that in the month of November, both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C outsold the Galaxy S4, but the Galaxy Note 3 managed to accrue more sales than the iPhone 5C. It is understandable that the sales of the Galaxy S4 are flagging, now that the Note 3 is available to buy in the country.

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