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krizda is an online jewellery startup that plans to disrupt the jewellery industry by bringing elegant and beautiful jewellery to you at a much reasonable & affordable price compared to the retail outlets, and not to forget the shipping is free.

Yes, the shipping is free and you’ll receive the product within 10 working days from the day of order of confirmation.

And one important option provided for the customers which you’ll rarely find anywhere is, there’s a 7 day return policy, your entire amount refunded with no questions asked and even the shipping cost will be beared by Krizda.

Krizda is based out of Coimbatore which is known as the Gold Hub of India, and since Krizda sources it jewels directly from certified manufactures, this helps them save on the intermediate distributors and provide more value and reasonable prices to you the customer. They have recently demoed at Startup Saturday Bangalore.

Also, I would like to point on the UX and UI of the website, neat tabulated display, brilliant use of fonts and spaces on all pages which makes them very crisp and clear to understand, weaving beauty out of simplicity.

We got an opportunity to talk to Vivek Krishna, Founder, and learn more about Krizda and their future plans.

Online Jewelery is not a competitive niche, but we still have good and well-known names like Gitanjali, BlueStone and Amrapali, Why buy from Krizda? What are the features & benefits for the customers?

Though there are a few other jewellery players in the segment, everyone is unique in their own ways. Here are our key differentiators.

  • We are the only online brand focussing on pure Gold jewellery.
  • We focus on light-weight jewellery that could be easily bought online.  We are also focussing on the gifting segment in pure Gold jewellery.
  • First brand to give a photo-based certificate for gold jewellery.
  • We work on made-to-order model (Many online jewel sites work on this model).  Meaning, we start making a product only after our customer places the order.  Since, we can’t make gold ornaments of exact same weight, we refund the amount if the gold weight is lesser than the specifications.
  • We have partnered with the most robust shipping companies ever, that you could really forget about secured arrival of the product!

Also, unlike a “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” phone that you could buy at either Jabong or Flipkart, we sell gold jewellery.  There are enormous designs and there is a very less chance that the products that you see on one website can be found elsewhere!

At present Krizda seems to be accepting only Visa and MasterCard, do you plan to include other modes of payment as well? If yes, How soon can we expect to see them?

We currently accept Visa/Master credit cards and all major debit cards and major net banking in India. We also accept payments by a US based credit card (Typically for NRI customers).  But, we ship products only within India.

You have mentioned that the customer will be receiving the product within 10 working days from the day of order confirmation.
Is it guaranteed delivery anywhere across the nation? And is the logistics delivery system in-house or have you tied up with external service providers?

It is absolutely a guaranteed delivery.  We have tied up with “Sequel Logisitics” to provide this service.  Unlike other logistic companies, Sequel focuses exclusively on shipping Gold jewellery and they have been doing this for years.

In fact, I was in their office to check out how they work and I got to say they are very efficient and reliable.  They had a control room that had people monitoring their GPS based vehicles. If a vehicle moves slowly, they call the driver to inform them he’s late etc.,

Also, they don’t deliver the shipment to any random person in house.  They verify the concerned identification before the product is delivered.

You have got the technology expertise and decades of exposure in jewelery sales and marketing, but with other well-known names having a strong foothold in the market, online and offline both, how do you plan to spread the word?

“Nandini Vaidyanathan”, founder of CarmaConnect, is currently mentoring us.  Our team, with her help has come up with an extensive plan both offline as well as online to spread the news.  I’m sure you will get to know about this in the near future. 🙂

Team Krizda

Team Krizda

Does Krizda have traditional stores where the customer can visit and make a direct purchase?

No. We are an online brand, and we prefer to be one.  We don’t have plans for physical stores at the moment.

How was your experience at Startup Saturday Bangalore? What is the best thing about demoing there?
Initially I was a bit skeptical on how the audience would react to the idea of selling gold jewellery online. ( In fact, even Prashant had similar opinion, so he pushed our presentation to the last, damn him :)).
But, though we presented the very last ( when the crowd was really exhausted), we had an active audience questioning about the business and our plans.  It was indeed a very good experience both for getting a valid feedback, as well as a bit of marketing ;D. I was really flattered when a lot of people came up to talk to me, suggesting ideas & solutions after the presentation, and,  when a lady at the venue called me “The Glitter man” 🙂
What are your Future plans for Krizda?

On the products front, we will work on tie-ups with more top-tier manufacturers to give a very extensive list of Gold jewellery to our customers.

We believe we have a very strong base and are going to spend our time next few months on Marketing and Sales.

Also, our e-commerce platform is just the beginning.  We have plans on expanding customized jewels, optimizing the “gold manufacturing process” using technologies like 3D printers etc., We have identified a lot of issues in the manufacturing process, and are researching on potential solutions.

The founding team has a very solid foundation on both Gold Industry as well as Technology. Our mission is to use cutting edge technologies to optimize, make and sell gold jewellery.

What do we think of Krizda?

With decades of experience in the jewelery industry this is one determined startup to watch out for. The best part I truly liked about Krizda is, providing jewelery at an affordable price compared to the external providers, and you’ll agree with me jewels are one of the most valuable assets and their value increases with time. We’ll surely keep an eye on Krizda and may catch them again to learn more about their entrepreneur journey and their new ideas to disrupt.




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