Lenovo IdeaPad S405


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If you’re a student looking for a laptop in India within the 30K band, look no further as we bring to you enough options to choose from, keeping in mind your requirements as well as your budget. Below are some affordable laptops under Rs. 30,000:

Samsung NP300E5C-A0CIN

Samsung NP300E5C-A0CINSynonymous with long lasting performance, reliability and value, Samsung NP300E5C-A0CIN charms you with its anti-aging technology which ensures that your battery lasts 3x longer, while a scratch resistance fingerprint Dura case keeps it looking good. If you’re in for productivity tasks like e-mails, working on office docs and some computer programming, this will be an ideal pick for you.


i.        Operating System – Samsung is providing 64-bit Windows 8 operating system with the model

ii.        Processor – The laptop is powered by the Intel core i3 processor 2328M (2,20Ghz, 3MB L3 cache) and it has Intel® HD graphics 3000.

iii.        Memory –The model comes with a 2GB system memory at 1,333 MHz, and a 500GB hard drive.

iv.        Display – The anti-reflective 39.6 cm (15.6”) HD LED display produces images with the sharpest details and boldest colors. Its matte surface has less mirror effect, so you can use it for longer, even outdoors, without your eyes getting tired.

v.        Battery life – Samsung’s intelligent battery charging uses anti-aging technology so the battery lasts 3x longer than a typical battery, and thus you need to replace fewer batteries over the lifecycle.

The laptop is available in ‘Titan Silver’ color and weighs 2.28 kg, which makes it extremely lightweight and durable.

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HP Pavilion G6-2302AX

HP Pavilion G6-2302AXPriced within the 30K mark, the HP Pavilion G6-23030A is more than equipped to handle most programming tasks, office productivity software, web browsing and emailing.


i.        Operating System – Windows 8 64 bit.

ii.        Processor – Powered by a 1.9GHz AMD Quad core processor, this laptop allows for faster toggling between various applications.

iii.        Memory – With its 4GB DDR3 RAM, expandable up to 8 GB, and a 500GB SATA HD, you can easily save all your valuable documents, movies and music files.

iv.        Display – The HP Pavilion notebook comes with a 15.6” screen and 1GB graphics for enhanced gaming pleasure. The picture quality is surprisingly good for a budget laptop.

v.        Battery life – The G6 manages its battery life quite well, and nearly manages 6 hours away from the mains, as long as you stick to light tasks, like image editing.

The HP Pavilion is available in ‘sparkling black’ color, weighs 2.48 kg and is a good deal and a decent notebook for all looking for an affordable general purpose notebook.

Lenovo IdeaPad S405

Lenovo IdeaPad S405The Lenovo IdeaPad S405 is so slim and light that you could easily mistake it for an ultra-book, but it costs a lot less. Powered by an AMD A6 processor, and equipped with Windows 8, the notebook promises strong mainstream performance in a sleek design.


i.        Operating System – Lenovo has employed Windows 8 for its laptop, with essential features like ‘Getting Started’ guide for Windows 8, a touch friendly settings app, etc.

ii.        Processor – The laptop features a 2.1GHz AMD Dual core processor with 4GB of RAM which provides enough oomph for low to mid-level productivity tasks.

iii.        Memory – It features up to 500GB of space, giving you enough space to store all your data.

iv.        Display – The 14-inch 1366 x 768 display on the IdeaPad S405 is a mixed bag, offering a brighter image than some competing budget notebooks but narrow viewing angles.

v.        Battery Life – The one con of the IdeaPad S405 is its battery life. While web surfing via Wi-Fi, it lasts just above 3 hours. You’ll thus need to sacrifice battery life to get such a capable Windows 8 machine at this price.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S405 delivers a great mix of comfort and portability. Overall, the S405 is a good choice for social networking, Web surfing and playing mainstream games.

HP 2000-2201TU

HP 2000-2201TUThe 15.6” HP 2000-2201TU is one of the most affordable sleek notebook powered with Core-i3. The excellent keyboard, and an HD BrightView LED backlit display is the proverbial cherry on the proverbial cake.


i.        Operating System – The laptop runs on Disk Operating System (DOS), 64 bit.

ii.        Processor – It is powered by the Intel Core i3-232MM CPU, with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz.

iii.        Memory – The 3MB L3 cache facilitates fast data access and retrieval. This laptop comes with a 500GB HDD and an on-board RAM of 2GB, upgradeable up to 8GB to ensure that software and other tasks run smoothly.

iv.        Display – The 15.6-inch LED-backlit 1366 x 768 widescreen on HP 2000 delivers vibrant color and wide viewing angles.

v.        Battery Life – The laptop gives up to 2.5 hours of battery life with light to medium load, which is the only weakness of this laptop.

The HP 2000-2202TU weighs 2.45 kg, is available in ‘glossy black’ colour and is a good enough catch, without breaking the bank.

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