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It all started when a friend of  Nitish Mehta called him up. His friend wanted to check whether one can figure out the location of the ‘phone-caller’. This urged Nitish to create something that could help users with similar curiosity. After a few days of contemplation, he came up with the idea of He explored the internet and found out that very few applications provided the same service( not satisfactory at all). According to Nitish, something better and simpler could definitely be delivered,and this led to


LocateCaller App is launched on Google Play on March 3rd.  Many of Nitish’s friends, after hearing the idea, were eager to use the application. “Last week, I started testing my application. Many of my friends were eager to check since the day I had discussed the idea with them. I shared the APK using a Dropbox Link and requested them to download the APK from that link and register.”, says Nitish. In merely 5 days, 43 users registered for the application. This happened without any sort of marketing. Nitish is anticipating at least 30,000 downloads in the first month of launch. “We are hoping that it would definitely become a regional success leading to both national and international success in the long run.”, says Nitish.

The start-up is presently focused towards the Indian users. Though, it intends to target the international market soon after it achieves some Domestic goals. “Apart from SEO, we are also making our Facebook App that would help us with Social Media Marketing. We are developing a referral system which we are going to integrate in our app. This would definitely work towards the increase in our user numbers.”, says Nitish.

Funds, Competitors, Revenue and a few Lessons learned is a self-funded project so far. Currently, it’s chief aim is to grow the number of users.  The team is on the look out for mentors who are well versed with the Application market and industry. There are many competitors in the market such as- Truecaller, Life 360 and Glympse. However, intends to provide better and simpler functions to the users. “Locate Caller is Free Application ,we have included just banner ad and that will be current source of revenue , in future we will earning from different channel but it would be too early to discuss that.”, says Nitish. We’ll list down a few lessons he has learned so far-

  • The web market is a highly competitive market. One needs to be updated at all times, lurk for an opportunity and grab it when it is the right time.
  • Giving your 100% no longer works! You would need to give your 200% to whatever you do. The moment you sleep, someone else who is awake, wins the game!
  • Deliver whatever you have committed to. The moment you fail to do this, someone replaces you!
  • India has had a bad reputation as an option for outsourcing. Many other countries are emerging and taking the business. We need to make sure that we don’t ruin the already ruined image any more.

About the team

The team

Nitish Mehta ha finished his Graduation(B.Tech) in 2012. He had been running an outsourcing website development company in his college days. He handles all the non-technical aspects of Business such as finance, marketing and revenue.  Parth Shah holds a M.C.A degree and has been involved in Android programming since 1 year. He handles all the technical aspects of the Business.

Suggestions for buddy Entrepreneurs based on Journey so far

– If you are thinking of starting up in few months, then start now! There is no better time to start a business! Don’t wait for the bad time to pass because your good and bad time starts right from the day you have started your business.

-The option of setting up a business is not for people who think that life has come to an end if they are not left with a single penny in their pockets.

-It is only for those who are up for the challenge and do things for the love of it and not for the money associated with it. We need to market the product, sell it and let our consumers know why they need our product.

-And please don’t run out of cash! Your cash flow is one of the most important things you would need in order to stay in business. Like they say, your savings are your real assets.

TTP’s take on

The team has managed to get the pain point right for the application and has received signups from friends & family so far. A quick glance at Google Play will tell us about the Apps that are available and popular in this segment. Unless LocateCaller is highly accurate in predicting the name and location, it will be hard to gather the required user base for mass adoption. We’ll get hold of the app from Google Play and provide a detailed review of the app. We@TTP wish Team LocateCaller all the best!


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