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Today, in the field where one can easily get an online class to learn languages or even a master’s degree in various courses, self-assessment too has become very important. While there may be other platforms providing assessment tests on the internet, Mettl takes it a step further by providing skill-based assessments on a relatively large scale.

Founded by Ketan Kapoor and Tonmoy Singhal at the turn of the decade, Mettl today has grown and is known as the game changer for online examinations and assessments. The team is a very promising one with two IIT/IIM alumni at the helm. Both having a very varied experience ranging from working with American Technology giant, Texas Instruments to a stint at different travel startups and also working with leading consulting firms like BCG, they have done it all!

Both the co-founders, in a rendezvous, felt the need to address the education and employment issues in India and while at it they started off a training and assessment firm. While exploring the markets, needs and customers, they realized that the assessment space in itself was massive and unexplored. There was no single, one stop shop for skill-based assessments in the market. They narrowed down their focus on a scalable online solution that would help address a recognized global need and Mettl was born.

Mettl has won the prestigious “Top Startup” award at TiEcon 2013 and has previously raised $4mn in Series A funding led by IndoUS and existing investors to accelerate product development.

Mettl — How it works?

A user can create assessments by themselves on Mettl by creating their account on They have a very intuitive UI and an assessment dashboard that guides the user step by step. In the process of creating the assessment, the test admin can use their own questions, upload them and use Mettl’s platform to deliver and monitor the test. There is a provision to use the content to create the tests too. Mettl’s specialized content varies across many skills. Once the test answers are submitted by the candidate, the answers are mapped versus the correct ones by an application that rests on the servers. In case of the coding questions, the code runs through compilers and many test cases to check the code quality. After the answers are checked, an automated report is generated within a few minutes and is available in the Test administrator’s account for review. 

A Mettl admin can even use a webcam in order to monitor the candidate who is giving the test. This is a very valuable add-on as it makes the entire examination almost as realistic as the conventional model of calling students to a class to give tests.  The company’s products are ideal for companies who would like to run multi-competency assessments for recruitment, training effectiveness, competency tracking and engagement.

 Future Plans – The Road Ahead:

Entering the mobile space

Mettl’s existing platform works fine on tablets and mobile but they are exploring the possibility of a native app.

Advanced Proctoring Technology:

Mettl’s team is currently working on Advanced Proctoring Technology which allows the test admin to see all the candidates live, as they take the test, remotely.  Mettl is also working on the self-help platform, so that moving forward, zero intervention will be needed from Mettl’s team and the customer can help himself for an end-to-end assessment needs. Apart from that, Mettl is also adding new simulators to test skills to their existing roster of Coding, Voice, Spreadsheet and Case-Study Simulators.

 “Growth hacking tips” straight from the founders
  • Build the best possible team with complementary skills
  • Spend cash wisely
  • Focus on solving one problem which will help you strive to be the best in the world
TTP’s take on Mettl

While the overall product offering of Mettl seems very promising and it has indeed proved its potential, there are quite a few hurdles that it will have to cross in the long run. One of the prominent one’s will be working on the mobile platform. With a large population moving to mobiles and tablets, evolving in this direction will prove to be a significant advantage for Mettl.


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