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2013 was in the summit in the iceberg of technology advancement in smartphones. The mobile industry thrived, shined, outnumbered and came out strongly as compared to any other industry. This trend was not only observed in specific countries, but it was in all over the World. Concept phones became too much in morning news, Sony and Samsung played their strenuous mind games, curtail fall of Apple Samsung patent war was on showcase – with people getting blazed towards technology, marketing concept of mobinations were introduced with innovations. This article is a report outline which showcase the mobile study of India in 2013 done by 91mobiles, who is India’s largest gadget research site till now.

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What Increased in 2013 as compared with 2012:

1) Quite an increase in number of mobile companies in 2013, there are 68 different brands currently selling mobile phones in India as of January 2014. 48 of them are Indian.

2) 518 mobile phones were launched in 2012. 957 mobile phones were launched in 2013. This means there was a rise of 185% with previous year.

3) Samsung’s series “phablet” saw 1000% increase in 2013 as compared with 53 different type of phablets were present in 2013 as compared with 5 in 2012.

4) 1842% of in quad core processors in mobile phones as compared with 2012

5) 800% of 13MP cameras in mobile phones as comapred with 2012

6) 147.5% of dual sim devices in mobile phones as compared with 2012

7) Android gaining upper hand again.

 8) 112% of tablets rose in 2013 with 50 Indian Brands

9) 3G devices were increased 2.5x times from Indian brands side in 2013

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What decreased or remained same in 2013 as compared with 2012:

1) Relative share of mobile phones by international brand in India decreased from 40% to 32%. With homebased mobile phones like Canvas gaining upper hand in search engines as well as market hyper, it became much of a concern for Android giant Samsung to compete in India.

2) with 5k-15k priced mobile phones gaining upper hand in Indian market, phones/tabs below 5k or above 15k are in the queue for 2014

3) Samsung stands 9th in top 10 growing mobile brands in India. Samsung has already dominated the Indian market with its phablets 7.0 and other mobile phones, and due to this reason, Samsung stands top in mobile phones that were sold above 15k priced. The astound features that Samsung provides to users with affordable bugdet as compared with Blackberry, HTC, Sony or Appls, it rmained people’s champion.

4) Sad to note that there were no Indian mobile phone manufacturers leading the market with 15k priced devices; Though they outnumber International brands in number of mobile manufactures.

Opulent features and other milestones:

1) Point to note: Indian  Tablet manufacture brands is greater than Mobile phones manufacture in India.

2) Sony and HTC saw a major downfall in mobile phone in 2013 in India as compare with previous year.

3) 39 Full HD devices were launched in India and  24 Thin and sleek devices were launched. The curious statistic to note here is that there was an approximate 65% share of International brand in India.

4) Motion sensing, fingerprint security, boomboxing sounds and step count sensor were the feature where India was delighted to have.


Sources: survey done by 91mobiles


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